Finally A New Stitch…

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I said I was never going to frog  (undo a few crochet stitches) ever again. I guess what they say is true, “never say never,” but I did this at least three times on one project. I got a request for a king size blanket, no rush, I could choose the stitch, but I couldn’t make up my mind.

Video #1 :

Video #2 :

Video #3 :  ~ I did this on top of the granny square blanket I started on #2.   I wish I had started with this stitch.

I didn’t like either one  video #2 & video #3 The stitches were pulling too tight and the lines weren’t straight. Video #1 was right, but I changed my mind on the square all together.

I got back to looking for another new stitch and I finally found one.

Well, it’s time to get back to working on my new project. I am grateful for this paying job, because yesterday I got fired. That was a first for me, but when one door closes a better one opens…

Bye IV Now, LD*

Almost A Sale..

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The thought of working on a crochet project and getting paid for it, got me Smiling. I was happy for days.  I remember years ago, just after my son was born, I started crocheting and it was pure luck that the project actually fit a king size bed. I do remember it took me over four months to make.

 I wanted this project to come out right, because this time it won’t be a gift. I did my research. I got a rough idea about the amount of yarn that will be needed. I put that question out on Google and I looked on more than ten sites and the answer was always different.

The number count was between 12 and 14 skeins of yarn. Then again I also know, it depends on the yarn, and I wish she hadn’t looked at the ‘cake’ yarn, because it is thicker than most and will need more to complete the size.

She offered $200.00 and that sounded good, until I got to adding what it would cost to get the yarn. She even suggested I start on it now, but that was a big “NO.” (I WILL NEVER PUT MY MONEY INTO A REQUESTED PROJECT EVER AGAIN. I learned the hard way, people will take everything from you if you allow it.)

The look on my face must have said what I was thinking and before I could say anything, she said she would give me half of the money up front and the other half when it’s done. COOL!!

I agreed. I know Micheals is always having a sale and since it’s a Christmas gift I have enough time. I saw her every day when I got home from work, (and yes she has my phone number) but for some reason I am no longer seeing her.

I will not call her to ask if she still wants me to make her that blanket, because part of me no longer wants to do it. We may have agreed on a $200.00 blanket, but if it’s going to cost me more then $60.00 on the yarn I don’t think so. (I know its going to take me at least two months to make) I am thinking she was just talking to be nice. I might be wrong and this is one of those times I am hoping I am.

This person may not buy a crochet project from me, but one day I will open an online store. My goal is to have a place where anyone can buy one or two of my crochet items as well as request something as well. 

I am hearing an unasked question. What is a requested item? I have seen items in catalogs as well as online and I thought, “that is a cool dress, too bad they don’t have any colors I liked,” and that is how I want to add that to my page.

A Person : You know that isn’t how things are done.

Me         : If you are always playing “follow the leader.” How are you going to shine?

The person whom I was talking to, had no response, and walked away from me with a confused look on their face.   

{} I will give thanks and praise to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.  Psalms 139:14 AMP {}

Bye IV Now, LD*

A New Project…

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I cannot believe I lost my favorite crochet needle once again. I even bought two extra ones. I also cannot. I am actually working on a granny square blanket, which I am putting it together, and enjoying this new stitch.

Here are a few youtube sites I like:


#4 & #5 are not within this project, but I have done those squares into full size blankets.

I learned a different way to connect the squares together and I can not go back to how I was doing it before. I may not be doing it like the video, but I am very close to it. I am making a knot at the start and end of these stitches. (I wouldn’t want to get a review saying how their blanket came apart after a few washes, but this is just me)

{}  Joining Squares Idea in Crochet | Zigzag Slip Stitch Method | Embroidery Inspired

Lyza Walters How to join a crocheted granny squares in zigzag slip stitch method. This join is tight, flat & has a nice & neat seam in both sides even when stretch, very easy and it works fast. {}

Well, this ends my Saturday Morning, and now it’s family time…….

Bye IV Now, LD*

Sorry, your throw isn’t free…

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**Side note – The blanket in this picture, by Daria Shevtsova. I know how to make it, but I don’t know how to keep each stitch in place. I had to redo it one time too many and got tired trying to figure it out. I got my blanket done another way. It was the biggest yarn I have ever used.


I got to work early one day and quickly set up a space where I could start creating. I had my gospel music playing semi loud as I worked on my latest crochet project. (not this pink & grey project)

It doesn’t surprise me anymore as someone completed my work. I am grateful for someone like my work and even more hopeful when they express how they would like to buy something I could make for them.

They are happy to tell me their ideas and if it’s within my skills I will give them part of the answer they want to hear. “Yes, I can make it for you.” I try to keep my prices as low as I can, but for some reason some are surprised at the amount. I can’t believe I even broke it down with honest words:

  1. It takes an hour and a half to and from my house. (I do not have a car and have to take at least two buses to get anywhere) That’s three hours just in travel time.
  2. Another hour to get the materials I need to complete the project.
  3. A skein of yarn costs $6.00 (before tax) and it normally takes at least two skeins to make a throw for a chair.
  4. It will take one or two weeks to complete a small project. (If its not a rush job, because I do have a job)
  5. It will cost $30.00 for one throw…

I know my price was low and reasonable. I had planned on a simple design. Although she wanted a multiple granny square throw. I had to remind her of the cost of the yarn and my time.

I also wasn’t surprised she no longer wanted the throw. If you go to any retail store the cost of a throw is around $15.00 to $30.00. You can buy a copy of a blanket or buy an original throw or none at all?

The next time she saw me, it was a friendly greeting, but no more talk about making her a throw. It’s okay, because most people don’t see the value of a homemade item beyond the amount they have to pay for it.

Bye IV Now, LD

A New Crochet Project…

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-I was asked to make a shawl using two colors, but I don’t really have enough yarn for that. I will looked through a few videos and see what i can find. I don’t believe I have enough yarn, but I am going to try anyway and see what happens……

{} #crochet #learntocrochet #crochettutorial   Crochet for Absolute Beginners with Shawl to Try/The Crochet Crowd Oct 31, 2020 

The Crochet Crowd  This video is for absolute beginners from learning about how to hold the yarn, make slip knots, and how to hold the hook. We go through making a chain, single crochet, half crochet, double crochet and treble crochet. The Relax and Unwind Shawl is for beginners and will go through that as well. At the end, you will learn how to weave  in ends with a tapestry needed. {}

#1 I like the simple pattern, but I wanted a different look…


g  Easiest Crochet Pocket Shawl for Beginners Jul 6, 2021  Crazy Cool Crochet  You’ve heard it before… but this truly IS THE EASIEST crochet pocket shawl FOR BEGINNERS! Simple stitch pattern. Readily available medium weight yarn (or substitute your favorite #4 yarn). Perfect to transition from season to season or perfect as a light cover for cool summer nights. {}

#2  I couldn’t get to the actual teaching of this shawl, because there was too much information at the start of this video. I couldn’t get to why I clicked on it to begin with.

{}  Aug 15, 2019        How To Crochet The Sand Dunes Wrap

Fiber Flux   Learn how to crochet the Sand Dunes Wrap, a luxuriously simple, easy to wear wrap. Silky thread yarn makes it have a beautiful drape and can be worn casually or can easily be dressed up too! Full written instructions here: :… {}

#3  I tried this one, and it was easy to follow. I really didn’t like the way this yarn was looking, so this is another “no” for my next project. I will try it with a different kind of yarn.

– I did go through a few more videos about crocheting a shawl, but none really held my attention for too long. I may not have enough yarn to do this pattern justice. I am going to do it anyway and if I have to redo it – oh well, because I liked the shawl from Naztazia…..

{}  #naztazia HOW to CROCHET POCKET SHAWL – Easy Wrap with Pockets by Naztazia Oct 7, 2020 

Naztazia  Learn how to Crochet a Pocket Shawl in this tutorial video. Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. These pocket shawla are a fashion trend right now. With some basic crochet stitches, you can make one for yourself or as a gift! {}

Well it is time I get  back to crocheting…………

Bye IV Now, LD*