A loss of Time….

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I cannot believe I am going from anime, to Maine, and thinking about my second book. A book that I haven’t even put in black and white, but I am getting closer to that unanswered question. Once I get my answer, then I can get started.

I am a little sad, because the sun has gone down and that means no more crocheting tonight. I was hoping I could finally finish working on my pink project. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow will be the start of a new week and it will be better then the last. I have an idea for a new anime, so I will give that a try, and call it a night. Still wondering where the time went. I seem like I just had a cup of coffee…

Bye IV Now, LD*

Not Feeling at My Best

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What do you do 

When all you

Want to do

   Is – Nothing….

Don’t want to watch anime…

Don’t feel like crocheting….

The idea of searching for knowledge 

Of things to do in Maine..

(I will do this one day soon)

I had an easy day at work,

So not overly tired.

I didn’t cook dinner 

(even though I should have)

I want to try to figure out

How to build my blog

And get it working for me,

(with selling my crochet projects)

Because I am tired of working 

Paycheck to paycheck

And not really enjoying 

My life.

 I really don’t

Want to turn the lights on..

I guess I will checkout what is on

Netflixs and call it a  


Bye IV Now, LD*

A Day to Get Started..

I had thought I would go for another ‘lazy Saturday’, but as I looked around my room I realized I cannot do that today. I have been meaning to add some color to my room and today is the day I get started.

I also restarted my walking in the morning, because I haven’t given up on being a, ‘Better Me.” I may have only been able to walk 25 minutes, but every step counts. One can sit all day dreaming of the pounds melting away or one can get up and move.

I am about to get into the Word and then take my room one space at a time. I even plan on organizing all finished crochet projects. I am a little sad that I have to sell my friend’s rainbow blanket, but I spent more than $40.00 on the yarn and weeks out of my time to have it ready for her baby.

I actually had to redo it, because she didn’t say if she was having a boy or a girl. I was hoping for a little girl so the first rainbow blanket was yellow. She had a healthy baby boy and I got back to crocheting.

I am now wasting time typing and trying to come up with more to say, which I can, but I am going to stop now. I will get my room done today and go to Maine tomorrow.

The large picture on the left is the boy or blue rainbow, the button on the right is the girl or pink rainbow, and the top right is just my new stitch rainbow blanket.

Bye IV Now, LD*

My Note…..

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**Hello, to the person who wrote a note on Tuesday 9/28/2021 to the morning shift to clean the dressing room.

  1. Every morning, using the dry mop with the alcohol wipes, to wipe on the floor in every dressing room. (Because the floor is suppose to be cleaned at night & 9 out of 10 time its NOT)
  2. Trash bags are not always replaced when taken out & I will NOT do it. I use my own bag & take out when I leave. (Because someone does take out the trash, but 1/2 done is not done at all)
  3. I always do my job, and if I wasn’t doing it correctly. I know management would have said something. (I also make sure 2nd shift has everything they need to do the same job I do)

A.K.A  you have nothing to do with my check. So, before you leave notes telling someone how to do their job. Do your first and know what it is. YOU ARE NOT MANAGEMENT!!!

Lisa **

I was so upset when I got to work that I couldn’t wait to get home to start writing my note. My co-worker left me a note telling me to clean the dressing room before I leave. That is a joke, because I stopped counting the times they don’t replace the trash bag in the bin or the trash on the floor when they are supposed to clean at the end of the day.

Anyway. I wrote the letter not only in English, but in Portuguese and in Spanish. I wanted to do Russian as well, but I couldn’t copy it and I wasn’t going to waste my ink to print it out.

Some say I should just let it go and one manager said, “If you write her back, don’t do it when I am working.” He also told someone else he will take down the note. I will make sure it is where she will see it when she comes to work.

I don’t think I am wrong. I do feel it’s a little childish, but she has been doing it to a lot of people and people are just pushing it aside. I am thinking she will be surprised and may get loud, but I am NOT going to let her rudeness make me back down.

Oh, no one seems to know what her background is. She acts like she doesn’t understand English, so she can do whatever she is doing her way. The problem with that is, others have to go behind her, and redo everything she has done. 

I know we are short handed, but enough is enough. I want to say I can go to Maine and learn what that state is about and all its beauty. It has taken me a minute to get used to drinking hot water with lemon in it, but I actually like it. I know it is good for your liver. 

{} facty.com

  1. Top Lemon Water Benefits – See 10 Lemon Water Benefits
  2. Discover 10 Lemon Water Health Benefits

https://facty.com/food/nutrition/12-health-benefits-of-lemon-water/1/  {}

I will crochet while there is still some light outside, because I don’t want to get up and turn the light on. I can sip on my hot sour drink in between a stitch or two….
Bye IV Now, LD*

Some Customers

Customer    : I see a tank with a whole lot of new stuff on it. Wow what is that on top of this big metal thing that is taller then I am, but I am going to reach for it anyway.

Me (Yelling) : Ma’am PLEASE stop that, because that’s not safe.

Customer      : It’s okay.

I shut up and shook my head at her as I looked away. She  doesn’t know if the tank was locked and things could have fallen on top of her. I am like, nothing is on that tank that is worth me getting hurt.

Today I barely got home and I had to get a relaxing cup of peppermint tea. Some customers just get on my nerve for doing something stupid……

Bye IV Now, LD*