Choosing 2B Free!!

Some may say dreams are just dreams, but dreams can become reality.    I have always enjoyed writing so I write. I started just writing poems and funny short stories. I was having fun. I knew they weren’t perfect, I hadn’t gotten past the fun side of words, and that was okay for me. I made the mistake in allowing others into my space and with their laughter  and few negative words from people who I thought care. 

I lost a part of myself and it took over twenty years to get back to the person I once was and then some. I got back into writing as a part to yell without sound and create a world where I could be free of reality. I wasn’t writing for fun anymore, but once I was able to truly calm down.

I realized I was once again writing as well as taking pictures. I started recalling dreams of the past and wondering how I could hold onto this feeling for the rest of my life? The answer was simple: I just have to be me.

I didn’t realize I had just put off on a project I have been wanting to do for a few months now. I kept on reminding myself that my brother is working on my website for me, and I can just wait until he is done with it. I had an idea of what I wanted and how it’s going to go about making it a reality. 

I have a few short stories already lined up and a number of other plans. It really doesn’t matter how much you plan or imagine how a project will turn out. If that project isn’t real, it is just a dream, and it cannot be free.

You start thinking:

  1. Is this a good idea?
  2. I don’t have any idea on how to do this?
  3. I should just let this be a dream.

If you start letting in the “DOUBTS” and “what if’s” talk to you as you allow your so called friends did years ago. Then I guess your dreams will just be dreams. 

 I am choosing to stop thinking of things that I have no control of and move forward. I am the only one who can stop me. I know who I am and above the words “I CAN’T”.


I have also stopped trying to change my look. I have natural curly hair and spent years trying to change that. I had stopped with the perms, too much work, and my hair was coming out. I pulled my hair back or pressed it out. No more. 

If I can step up and step out of fear in setting my dreams free. I can accept my hair as it is. I am going to read more about working on Pinterest and come back to my short story on my blog.

I am laughing, because someone told me I wasn’t really working on a blog, because my stories aren’t long and I am NOT sticking to one subject. I could only laugh at them, because they do not even have a blog. I was polite and said, “I am me and that’s all I can be. Who wants to act like someone else? Feel free to play, follow the leader and enjoy your game”.

It’s May 29th at 3:23pm still light outside, so with one side step I am going to get some info on how to set my dream free myself, and stop waiting for someone else to do it for me. Then I will work on my second rainbow project. I will return on Monday and continue this thought. If I didn’t have to work this weekend, but the real world had to come back sooner or later and it’s my time to be back in it……20200529_164439

(4:38pm) I am all Smiles, because I already knew the answer to my question. I know I am an honest person and therefore I can only promote items that I knew were good. I may not have a website, but who knows if you really need to have one? Well, I sent that question to Yarnspirations, and they are the only ones who can say “yes” or “no”.

I am closing my book and will be picking up my “boy” rainbow project and crochet throughout the night. I may have been reading from the computer, and I know I could just type in my personal notes. I still shake my head at that. I will never get tired of the feel of an ink pen in my hand writing down a thought or something personal. 

I wish I could remember what book I read about a young lady who was an anthropologist, (a person who studies history) and she changed the color of her ink as she took notes.  I actually started my church notes doing that and it made it easy to go back and look something up. 

The book I use for my church notes would look like this:


  • Sunday Morning service notes are – Pink with purple if I had to underline something I felt was important.
  • Sunday Bible study notes are – Red with a light blue ink to underline anything I wanted to stand out.
  • Wednesday midweek service is – Dark blue with pink to use for my important thoughts I wanted to underline.

I also learned to bring extra pens, because a person or two has asked to borrow a pen. I smiled and handed one over, but that threw my color guide off. In my mind I was yelling “NO,” but that only happened once. I now carry a few black ink pens in my bag. I will NOT use that ink. 

Writing in black ink always makes me think about one teacher who wouldn’t accept any work unless it was in black ink and I don’t want to be remembering her while I am writing. It wasn’t until the end of my last year of that school when she told everyone it was a joke, she just wanted everyone’s papers to be alike. I still don’t think that was funny.


Bye IV Now, LD*                                    (1026 Word count)


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