A New Start


Today is June 1st, 2020 not only the first day of the month, but a start of a new day. I along with the world are in some trying times. I don’t care what anyone says. I am going to keep praying for family, friends, and every life on this earth.

I am not going to say, “One” race is better, because we are all human. I could say more, but I am not going to go beyond that.

I started my first “blog review,” it’s like a book review, but am reading blogs and not books. I want to promote anything about the art of crochet as much as I can. It doesn’t always have to be about making money.

I have no intention of teaching,(at least not right now)so reading is just as good. Books are great, but blogs are a little more personal. Who doesn’t like reading a short story or two? I will add in a book or two, if I find one that holds my attention.

I will read a few more and drop down a note or two. I am getting closer and closer to getting my website free. I did realize I need to get back to writing, because now that I have gone back to working in the real world. I am not going to have much more free time.

My words are all running together and all I want to do is work on my “boy” rainbow blanket. This one is also way too big. I should have taken it out, before I got past the third row, but Like before. 


I didn’t want to stop and redo stitches all over gain. Then I got to thinking, rainbows are big anyway, and why not keep on going? My pink rainbow is just about the size of a twin size bed or a small loveseat. I am not sure how big this blue rainbow blanket will be. Time will tell how big this blanket will be in the end.


I also realized I need to do a little more research. I also want to post about cross stitch. I enjoy this long and forgotten task. I am hoping I don’t have to go online to actually buy a book, but still be able to read more on cross stitch online. 

Tired eyes want to close. How is it my body wants to rest, when all I want to do is work, and your mind is being overloaded with everything.

It’s time to make a list and do them all. A little goes a long way to setting your dreams free. One will always be surprised at what they can do if they just stop thinking and start doing.

My thought for today is just that: “STOP thinking what you cannot do, DO what you can, and PLAN for what you cannot do today.” If that means you have to go back to school, or even just learn from going to the library.

We can always learn, because there has always been someone willing to teach what they know. If there is a question, there is an answer, and we have to fight to get that answer. I guess it all depends on if you really want an answer? I have answered my question and it’s time to get back to work. I am Smiling, because I am HAPPY!!!!

Bye IV Now, LD*                                      (575 word count)


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