Another New Start

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I am still in shock that I had to change jobs, from working retail to a grocery store, and in more pain than I was after giving birth twenty fours years ago. Okay, then I thought about working from home. A good idea. Then again not every homebase job is best for you or not real at all.

I found one that sounded good and I checked and double checked and was about to sign up for it. Then a voice said, “ARE YOU SURE,” and that got me looking once again. I am glad I did, for it turned out to be a scam.

I am not the best person to work a computer, so I didn’t think I could do that, and I am back to where I started. The word transcript came about, most said all you need to know is how to read and write English and type, but that was putting it lightly. One should be able to type fast, faster than fast past 35 wpm. I am out of luck there.

I WILL NOT GIVE UP, because coming home in pain EVERY DAY is just no F.U.N!!!!  I am still thinking about Pinterset and opening my own shop on shopify. 

This is me thinking outside of the box and rethinking how I am going to be a better me. Who says I have to stay where I am and work myself to a point where I can no longer enjoy life. Today was a great day to go for a walk. I was in pain all morning and now that it’s early evening it’s a little too late for me to go for that walk.

** A Side Note:  I was supposed to write about Minnesota for my next “Online traveling” story, but couldn’t find anything I liked. I am going to try again, but if not I will be moving onto Mississippi.. 

Bye IV Now, LD*

Job Hunting ~ My Way…

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I got up today with a plan to not just look for a job,

 but look for the right job. The things I have done before, 

 just aren’t good enough today, and I know the meaning of  

“Live and Learn ” is more than just words.

The last time I was out of work,

I would apply for everything I thought I could do.

I would go to every mall and surrounding areas asking,

“Are you hiring,” And was told

I could either fill out an application in the store or online.

If I was lucky to get an interview, yeah, and hope for the best.

I would accept any job, because I knew I needed to work.

I do NEED a job, but I want to be happy.

I may be pushing that ‘feeling,’ but I am hopeful.

I am going all out on looking for companies that I want to work at 

and NOT work just to be working.

I spent five and a half hours today doing just that.

I came across a GOOD home base job,

but I cannot type 25 wpm (NOW)

I know what I can do,

how I can improve what I already know,

 and get the job where I want to be.

Its time to get back to

My Job Hunt.

Bye IV Now, LD*

Back On Track…

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I keep telling myself   I am not going to let my email account get so full of useless emails again, and yet I have countless unwanted emails to delete . I guess there isn’t anything I can do, but make sure I delete as many as I can each day.. ..   ..  ..

I got to thinking what else have I been overlooking. I started thinking about goint back to New York to visit and I remembered I took some time off from going to different states online, but it is time to get through what I had started. 

I just went out of order in my count Massachusetts #21 and Not #22. I will change that before I looking into the real #22 Michigan

Well, I am going to get something to eat before I do anything, because who can do anything on an empty tummy….

Bye IV Now, LD*

Stay or Run?

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Ever decide to do something without thinking about the outcome or deciding to do something when you are upset or scared? When you are having mix feeling one should think about deciding a big change. I got scared at work and went out for another, only the other maybe even a bigger mistake.

I am grateful for the job, but if you are not safe at where you are working. Why should you stay there? Then you go back to where you were at before, knowing it wasn’t all that good, but you know you need a job.

Is it better to stay or go? Your mind is overflowing with so many thoughts, so many feeling, and a lot more questions then you have answers for. Its time to close ones eyes to what they are watching and thinking about what you want to see and how you want to feel.

I want to have an enjoyable work space, I enjoy talking and helping others. I also like to be creative as I keep things in order. That all changes when there is a rude person trying to harm ones personal space. Is it worth to stay and fight or go somewhere safe?

There is a saying, “Run away and be safe, so you can fight another day,” or something like that. There are times when you have to fight, but there is also a time to be safe. Then again who says its right to stay where you are if you aren’t happy.

I rather be happy and not be looking left and right all of the time. Sometimes the water is calm and you know its going to be a good peaceful day. Then there are times when you have to be on guard and make sure you are safe.

Bye IV Now, LD*

Q & A about Spices…..

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I know ginger is good for your tummy and turmeric is good for you as well. I was told a few times how black pepper works great with the turmeric, because it absorbs better.

There were also a few videos on facebook showing a mixture of honey, turmeric, and ginger. The problem I had with that was knowing a tiny jar will get lost and forgotten in my fridge, so I did this my way.

My way (now) is: A teaspoon of honey  topped with powdered turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. 

I  also add these spices to some hot lemon water, but it is way too hot for that. I am sure there are more ways for these species. Had to ask another question –

First Answer: {} What are the benefits of taking turmeric ginger and black pepper? Having a mixture of turmeric, black pepper and ginger in warm water early in the morning gives a nice boost to metabolism. This is possible because curcumin interacts with the body’s pancreatic, fat, liver and immune system cells. It also takes care of activities such as immune resistance and inflammation.Mar 14, 2018

5 Proven Health Benefits Of Having Turmeric And Black Pepper Together: Piperine in black pepper improves bioactivity of turmeric’s curcumin. That’s why turmeric and black pepper together make for an amazing combination By: DoctorNDTV Updated: Mar 14, 2018 07:00 IST {}

Second Answer:                                                                                  {}

Ginger & Turmeric Honey Bomb – Green Kitchen Stories : It has antibiotic effects and can help digestion, detoxification, infections, inflammation, joint pain, circulation, nausea (also pregnancy nausea) and motion sickness. It tastes great in juices and smoothies and adds a hot and fresh flavor.

Ginger is a marvelous root that you can purchase in almost every supermarket in every country. It has antibiotic effects and can help digestion, detoxification, infections, inflammation, joint pain, circulation, nausea (also pregnancy nausea) and motion sickness. It tastes great in juices and smoothies and adds a hot and fresh flavor. It goes very well in curries, fruit compotes and desserts and is one of my absolute favorite herbs.

Turmeric is a very strong antioxidant and has been used as traditional Ayurvedic medicine throughout history. It is considered a herb that cleanses the whole body, especially the liver. It is used to support digestion, treat fever, infections and inflammations. The active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin and has been proved to have similar effects as anti-inflammatory medicine. Turmeric and black pepper is a great pair to match. The black pepper helps to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin by a thousand times. Turmeric has a slight bitter taste but blends very well with other flavors.  {} 

Third Answer: {}  –    Is ginger and turmeric good for You?

  • Some studies suggest that ginger and turmeric could help decrease markers of inflammation, relieve chronic pain, reduce nausea, and improve immune function. When used in moderation, ginger and turmeric are both considered safe and healthy additions to a well-rounded diet. Still, some potential side effects need to be considered.

Can Ginger and Turmeric Help Fight Pain and Sickness?

Ginger and turmeric are two of the most extensively studied ingredients in herbal medicine.  Interestingly, both have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, ranging from migraines to chronic inflammation and fatigue. Both have also been used to help relieve pain, decrease nausea, and enhance immune function to help protect against illness and infection            (1 Trusted Source, 2 Trusted Source).  This article looks at the benefits and side effects of ginger and turmeric, and whether they can help fight pain and sickness. {}

Forth Answer: Fifth Answer  {}

Anti-Inflammatory drink for weight loss | Turmeric Ginger tea for weight loss | Healthy tea recipes Jan 5, 2022 Jinoos Kitchen – Quick & Simple Recipes  turmeric ginger cinnamon black pepper tea benefits – Anti-Inflammatory drink for weight loss | Turmeric Ginger tea for weight loss | Healthy tea recipes –  {}

Video #1: I actually never thought this mixture was about weight loss. I like this extra news, because I am on the journey to be a better me. 


Superfoods You Need   : Turmeric Honey Mixture – The Strongest Natural Antibiotic {}

Video #2: I was about to turn this video off, because of the computer voice. I didn’t do that, because I agree with all of its benefits. I admit I couldn’t finish it, but I got the most out of it.

I am working on adding more healthy items into my diet, because I am going to be a Better Me…..

Bye IV, Now, LD*