My Real Job..

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What is the difference between a job and a paycheck? :

  1. Job          – A job is a place where you go to do something for someone else and they pay you to follow their rules.
  2. Paycheck – Is money you get from working at a job.

That was an easy answer to that question, but then again it was just the basic answer. Most people would take the first answer and go onto another question, not looking back, or giving it a second thought.

The problem with that kind of thinking is, “What if there was more,” you would never know if you didn’t look past the first step. When you were in school the teacher would ask what your career choice would be and give you ideas on how to set that dream free (if you get lucky enough to get a teacher who actually cared).

A job could be more than just working at a retail or grocery store?  If you like what you are doing then your job is worth going to everyday. It is the same if you went into a career of your choice.

Now a paycheck is just that, money from a job, and nothing special. A person who is living paycheck to paycheck may just be getting   by and Not living their BEST LIFE.

So, let me ask my question again. What is a job and a paycheck to you? For me my job is just a job just for the paycheck, until I can turn my craft into my real  job ‘One Day’.

Bye IV Now, LD*

Pain Go Away!!!

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I sprained my ankle last week. I was determined to go to work and ignore that pain. I know the doctor said she should be off my feet for a week, and iced for at least 10 hours per day (because I couldn’t afford to get a cast). Family and friends told me the same thing.

I understood they care about me, but no one was going to be paying my bills. You can pray I heal and give me encouraging words, but my landlord isn’t going to care about any of those things. I took the pain pills, and got off of my feet as soon as I got home.

When I awoke the next day:

Pain : You thought you were going to get your way this time, “No Ma’am”.

Me   : I haven’t let you have your way before and today isn’t any different.

Pain : Okay, let me see you stand up without your cane.

Me    : It’s already 6am and I don’t have time for your pain. So, “Pain GO AWAY”!

Okay, I am an out of shape hard headed hard work woman, and I know when to stand down or sit down in this case. I called my job early to give them a heads up that I was going to be out of work for 6 days.

That first day was hard, but I wasn’t going to feel sorry for myself. I completed my blue & orange project, cleared out my email (some), and watched so many videos to help get my site working correctly. I got one part, but I AM NOT GIVING UP ON IT..

The second day, I kept on telling myself one more step, stretch for one more minute, and although that pain hasn’t gone away completely. It only comes back at the end of my work day. 

That pain may have won a few days ago, but I haven’t stopped stretching or rest as much as I can:

Me    : Pain you got a hold of me for a short time, but I already said it…

Pain  : I am still here and I’m not going anywhere…

Me     : You keep telling yourself that, because I am Not Listening to you….

The words I said were true and as I stayed home resting. I took notice of how many people knew I was hurt and how many people reached out with kind words. Not surprised there were less than a handful.

When I get to work I hear, “Oh I meant to call you, because it wasn’t like you to miss any day.” I just smiled and kept doing what I was supposed to do. Every now and then they would come over to see what happened, but had to leave quickly when someone noticed them out of their work area.

 Pain can be physical or mental. I will Never let pain stop me from doing what I have to do to survive, or being a better me. I know I have to stop working paycheck to paycheck, because there is no way I can save.  I want to start enjoying my life and working for a dead end job isn’t going to work.

I am also going to keep true family and friends close as I move past my here and now and speak to others as I keep it moving. I am going to end this with a question? Are you going to let go of your pain? 

Bye IV Now, LD*

:) Krochet ~ Cafe`

Hello & Welcome to Krochet ~ Cafe….

My name is Lisa D. I enjoy turning yarn, thread, and words into something NeW.  Whenever I have an idea and I want to turn it into reality I find a way to do just that and ‘Krochet~Cafe’ is a way for me to gather my Thoughts & Creativity to set these Dreams Free.

It’s Time to have some FuN!!

This was my website, (and yes it is still up until Sep’ 1st) but I am letting it go. I realized I was talking (typing) here on my blog (and trying to get it better) more so I am going to be me here at ‘3am Thunder of Words’ just like thunder you may Never know where it may go. At least I am hoping to get a Smile or Two…

Well I am working on a ‘yellow project,’ and like to calm down a little. I just liked the colors and then someone made fun of them, because “Why are you making the Lakers colors?” was said to me. I had to laugh, because if you know me – then you know I am NOT a Sport kind of girl.

I crochet for a lot of reasons:

  1. I find some colors that I like –
  2. Someone ask me to make something from their choice of colors –
  3. Someone give me their yarn, because they have giving up on working with them –
  4. or I am just working on leftover yarn.

Which is what I am doing right now, but its all good. I found a new pattern and I am having fun…


Not Going to Give UP!!!

*** This is what I was trying to add on as a second page to my blog****

Hello & Welcome to Krochet ~ Cafe….

My name is Lisa D. I enjoy turning yarn, thread, and words into something NeW.  Whenever I have an idea and I want to turn it into reality I find a way to do just that and ‘Krochet~Cafe’ is a way for me to gather my Thoughts & Creativity to set these Dreams Free.

It’s Time to have some FuN!!

*****Although I couldn’t add this on as a second page now. One day I will. Proud of myself for not throwing my computer across the room, because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do… Tomorrow is another day. I will come back with a clear mind and will keep trying until I get it right.*******

Wondering why I cannot click on the preview button? Going to fix a cup of tea, find an anime, and relax for the rest of the day………

That’s it IV today, Bye IV Now, LD*

No More Fear

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I still cannot believe I was dumb enough to run from a dog. It’s NOT a surprise I got hurt from not getting over this fear. I know you don’t run from a dog, stay calm, think about something else, and slowly walk away. Never show a dog fear.

Knowing the things you should do and actually doing them are two different things. I have lost days at work. In other words I will NOT have a check for this week, but the bills will still keep coming to my door.

This would turn a normal person to stressing on things they cannot control. It’s how you handle your stress that will help you overcome the bad times in your life. I stay focused on things I can do, get into the Word (The Bible), and know I will overcome any setback, because I will never give up.

I know some may think having a drink is okay, because this will help their pain. Some clean, baking, and the list can go on. They put aside what really is important, not understanding one cannot overlook the real problem and it doesn’t go away.

I am sipping on a cup of hot tea, because I know it always has helped me to relax. I  have been thinking outside of the box, but so far I haven’t been able to get it to work. As I am forced to sit with my leg elevated with an ice pack on my ankle. I will try – no I will do my best to combine my blog and my website  (and yes I will be keeping my name) together.

I will not let fear take over my thinking about improving my writing and my goal to sell my crochet projects or walking outside where I might see a dog. FEAR YOU WILL NOT WIN.

Bye IV Now, LD*