A New Crochet Project…

Photo by Miriam Alonso on Pexels.com

-I was asked to make a shawl using two colors, but I don’t really have enough yarn for that. I will looked through a few videos and see what i can find. I don’t believe I have enough yarn, but I am going to try anyway and see what happens……

{} #crochet #learntocrochet #crochettutorial   Crochet for Absolute Beginners with Shawl to Try/The Crochet Crowd Oct 31, 2020 https://youtu.be/UWSo1UytU0Y 

The Crochet Crowd  This video is for absolute beginners from learning about how to hold the yarn, make slip knots, and how to hold the hook. We go through making a chain, single crochet, half crochet, double crochet and treble crochet. The Relax and Unwind Shawl is for beginners and will go through that as well. At the end, you will learn how to weave  in ends with a tapestry needed. {}

#1 I like the simple pattern, but I wanted a different look…

{} https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1ETWdUuRsz4/hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEcCNACELwBSFXyq4qpAw4IARUAAIhCGAFwAcABBg==&rs=AOn4CLCJJdPl0An3Wxzf-uVTU_wtsze7Q


https://youtu.be/1ETWdUuRsz4  Easiest Crochet Pocket Shawl for Beginners Jul 6, 2021  Crazy Cool Crochet  You’ve heard it before… but this truly IS THE EASIEST crochet pocket shawl FOR BEGINNERS! Simple stitch pattern. Readily available medium weight yarn (or substitute your favorite #4 yarn). Perfect to transition from season to season or perfect as a light cover for cool summer nights. {}

#2  I couldn’t get to the actual teaching of this shawl, because there was too much information at the start of this video. I couldn’t get to why I clicked on it to begin with.

{} https://youtu.be/QCh-R_rSg4k  Aug 15, 2019        How To Crochet The Sand Dunes Wrap

Fiber Flux   Learn how to crochet the Sand Dunes Wrap, a luxuriously simple, easy to wear wrap. Silky thread yarn makes it have a beautiful drape and can be worn casually or can easily be dressed up too! Full written instructions here: :  https://www.fiberfluxblog.com/2019/08… {}

#3  I tried this one, and it was easy to follow. I really didn’t like the way this yarn was looking, so this is another “no” for my next project. I will try it with a different kind of yarn.

– I did go through a few more videos about crocheting a shawl, but none really held my attention for too long. I may not have enough yarn to do this pattern justice. I am going to do it anyway and if I have to redo it – oh well, because I liked the shawl from Naztazia…..

{}  #naztazia HOW to CROCHET POCKET SHAWL – Easy Wrap with Pockets by Naztazia Oct 7, 2020 https://youtu.be/jGJOyyGEjQ8 

Naztazia  Learn how to Crochet a Pocket Shawl in this tutorial video. Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. These pocket shawla are a fashion trend right now. With some basic crochet stitches, you can make one for yourself or as a gift! {}

Well it is time I get  back to crocheting…………

Bye IV Now, LD*

Crochet Mix – Up!

I can’t believe I made the same mistake twice. I really should have started over three weeks ago, but for some reason I felt it was right. I thought when you look at a rainbow it would have to be big.

{} CROCHET AN EXTRA LARGE RAINBOW🌈 beginner-friendly step by step tutorial/ Ophelia Talks   https://youtu.be/1sIapDy7uJM

Ophelia Talks Hi everyone it’s Anja here with a new video on how to crochet an extra large rainbow. In this step by step crochet tutorial about the rainbow I am using updated colours and a slightly larger size! This video is beginner-friendly with explanations about the stitches and increasing.{}

I know my rainbow blankets are a little different, but that’s what happens when someone who enjoys crochet gets  creative blankets.

{}Super easy crochet: V Stitch Square https://youtu.be/KqgwYWJYXe0

Blossom Crochet Super easy V Stitch square – can be used for small individual squares or one large continuous square of any size!{}

I made a rainbow blanket that has pink and white in it. I call it a girl’s rainbow blanket. It was supposed to have been for a baby girl. I do like my blanket to be a little bigger, to allow the blanket to grow with the baby, but this is way too big.

I repeated the same pattern I used before  on the girl’s rainbow blanket, but omitting the pink. I did add white in it and this one is my, “boy rainbow blanket”. Then again it could be for both a boy or a girl, because it’s  colors are a true rainbow. 

{}Baby’s First Christmas Afghan – Crochet Tutorial – Easy to Crochet

Creative Grandma Pattern Link: https://creativegrandma.net/product/b…


I missed and made it the same size as my first one. I was going to make this one a little smaller, but – I realized it doesn’t look like a baby’s blanket. I can still make it a little bigger than a regular size blanket, but then I was having way too much fun and this happened….

I didn’t realize working with so many different colors was going to be a lot of work, but so much fun. I said I wasn’t going to do that again….

Well that thought didn’t last long. I was wondering how to change colors without tying so many knots? I ran across one of my favorite creative person Ms. Donna Wolfe

{}How to Change Colors in Crochet – 8 Different Ways by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Naztazia https://naztazia.com  You’ll learn how to change colors with single crochet stitches, double crochet, and more…….{}

I am thinking about redoing the borders, but this is my design of multi colors. Only time will tell..

The End!