Short Notes…

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I started writing short notes while I was at work. I have always thought words have a way of changing how I feel. My favorite line is, “write down how you are feeling, the good, and bad things.” It could help clear your mind.

Once you can see all sides in black and white, it will help you make a better decision. Then again notes can be a reminder of positive thoughts or a quick laugh…


Therefore I Can…..

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I know I am not alone when I say, “I am grateful for a job, but I know I am worth better.” I am there, just to be there, and there is no fulfillment or joy going day by day in a blurr. It gets to the point I am dreading going into my workplace where I know they DO NOT CARE about me. I know I am more than what this company sees….

  • I can read: Therefore I can learn……
  • I can write: Therefore I repeat in black and white what to do…
  • I can move: Therefore I can get to the job site and do whatever task I am hired to do.
  • I have a heart: Therefore I care what I do and will do the best job I can do.

I spent a few hours online looking for another job, and I realized what I was doing as I found things wrong with each job. I know I want to find another job, but I don’t want to follow someone else’s rules.

I started my blog a few years ago, because I enjoy writing. I know what I write is a little all over the place and may or may not always be written correctly. Then I got to thinking maybe I can sell a blanket or two and not stress too much on finding another job. 

I like what I am doing, even with rude customers, but they all are not that way. My eyes are starting to hurt looking at this screen, so I am going to look for an anime to watch and work on another project.

My goal was to learn how to get my blog to work for me.  I got side tracked, by looking for a job in the real world, and not doing what was planned. I am still Smiling, because there is always tomorrow. If you don’t give up, you can always win another day, and I will have that win One Day!!

Bye IV Now, LD*

Not Going to Give UP!!!

*** This is what I was trying to add on as a second page to my blog****

Hello & Welcome to Krochet ~ Cafe….

My name is Lisa D. I enjoy turning yarn, thread, and words into something NeW.  Whenever I have an idea and I want to turn it into reality I find a way to do just that and ‘Krochet~Cafe’ is a way for me to gather my Thoughts & Creativity to set these Dreams Free.

It’s Time to have some FuN!!

*****Although I couldn’t add this on as a second page now. One day I will. Proud of myself for not throwing my computer across the room, because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do… Tomorrow is another day. I will come back with a clear mind and will keep trying until I get it right.*******

Wondering why I cannot click on the preview button? Going to fix a cup of tea, find an anime, and relax for the rest of the day………

That’s it IV today, Bye IV Now, LD*

A Lazy Saturday…

A lazy Saturday doesn’t mean you are not doing anything or going anywhere. The word ‘lazy’ has a different meaning to everyone, what does the words ‘Lazy Saturday’ mean to you?

  1. Crochet – I know I crochet every day. The idea of crocheting as long as I like was a COOL idea. I am keeping my word in finishing one project at a time (unless someone is requesting an item and is paying for my time) and not start another project until I’m done with this one. I am working on an orange and blue project now . Although I would rather be working on another project in a yellow, because I just got some new yarn. I am Smiling just thinking about working on it. 
  2. Reading – I gave away most of my books,(because of moving into a smaller space) but saved a few that I liked the most. I started one book, but I was surprised I couldn’t get into it (again). The next book was a Jude Deveraux book “Ever After,” and I cannot put this book down. I know of the characters, but I don’t recall the full story. Once again, I cannot stop reading this book. 
  3. I also like playing my video games: Township and Design Home are two of games I play on my phone.
  4. I would watch anime all day  and every day if I had it my way. I am running out of new anime to watch that don’t have fighting in it. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE ONE PIECE  (for where else would I get to watch Zoro) and a few more, but sometimes less action can help clear one’s mind.
  5. Working only if I want to – will end my list on what my lazy day would be (is).

The sun is out, I think I will take my crochet out on the patio, and enjoy the rest of my lazy Saturday.  I hope whatever you call fun, you make that your lazy Saturday or your next free day..

Bye IV Now, LD*

Still Just Me….

Happy and Sad all at the same time? It is crazy to feel this way. How can one person feel two different things at one time? I am thinking I should focus on one, but then the second comes a step closer to the first. Then how can I Not think of both?

My Happy thought: I have been wanting to start a website, (and yes I know this blog is a website) where I am just talking about my craft, and maybe a book or two. 

Someone asked : “Don’t you already have a blog, where you can do that, and not spend money you don’t have?”

I answered         : “Yes, I already have a blog and my 3am Thunder of Word blog is just that? It is a thunder of words and my words can be anywhere from a mild storm or something loud and crazy. There is a difference from having a site based totally on my creative thoughts”.

People still seem to amaze me, because if I am happy being me. Why is it bothering you? It is a GOOD thing I NO LONGER allow others to second guess who I am now and who I will be tomorrow.

My Sad thought   :  I thought I finally got my NEW site cleared, but I was wrong. I can log into that account on different screens and it is secure, but it still says, “—-

I am BEYOND HAPPY, because there is NO LONGER A PROBLEM!!!! Can you tell I am Happy? I may have only one story, No Logo, but one step at a time. Here is my 2nd outlook on staying positive. I WILL NEVER STOP BEING ME!!   It isn’t perfect and I am a little upset, because I see some mistakes. Who said I was perfect ~ not me….

Bye IV Now, LD*