Morning Walk



First steps to a better me. I didn’t realize I was going to miss working at a gym until I am no longer working at a gym. Those days when I could go in early before I had to clocked in and complete that workout at the end of my shift was great. I was slowly losing inches, but that was then.


I did join a gym and tried to continue, but two jobs on the bus line prevented this from happening for long. That didn’t stop me. I got to dancing rather I am at church or at home alone. I get to dancing for at least 15 to 20 minutes four days out of a week. Thinking about adding two more days?


I did add more walking by getting off the bus five blocks before my actual stop. Listening to some good with every step. On this particular day in the corner of my eye I saw a bigfoot print in the ground, started to keep on walking, but my curiosity got the better of me. Turning a few steps back, waiting for cars to pass by, so I can take a picture.  One never know what one will see on a morning walk.





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