Another day of walking in the sun…

Another day of walking in the rain….

Another day of walking in the cold……

Another day of walking against 4,021 lbs

moving death machines  called cars…

It seems once people get their driving license

they totally forget the rules…………….

                                               People are putting on makeup….

People are on the phone……

People are making up

their own rules….

A driver & A  pedestrian can both be hurt.

A pedestrian following the rules

should be safe to walk, but

if that driver thinks they

are above the rules..

Just, because you can turn at the light ——–

don’t mean you can run over a pedestrian

as   the  theylk across the walkway…….

Just , because the turning signals you can turn –

doesn’t mean drive faster to get in front of

a pedestrian who you know

has the right of way.

Pedestrian and driver’s

have to share the


Although a person is driving a car

that person driving sometimes  forgets

Tthat a  pedestrian is a person too…


In the hurry to get to their designation

they put aside safety & rules…..

The problem with that

a car can be fix

a pedestrian can Die..

Then again another driver

could hit that same car


The person in that car

can Die too..  


The     End!!

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