Sounds, lights, air, and being comfortable goes unnoticed until one or more is missing. It’s not just when you are talking or trying to listen to the TV. The sounds that in-between your individual sounds. Cars and trucks going down the road, a cute little fan, dogs barking at anything that gets close to them, and even a bird or two. In other words life.


These are everyday sounds and one tends to drown them out and concentrate  on whatever they’re doing. There are times when you wish there was nothing, but quiet around you? I know I had that thought. After a tiresome day at work. People asking stupid questions or not liking your answer, and getting an attitude when your company doesn’t have what they are looking for.  You paste a fake smile and pray they go away thinking, “You know I just work here and I am Not the owner of the store, so go fuss at them and move away from me.” They may not hear the words, but looks can tell a story. You ask one more time with a fake smile in a go away voice, “is there anything else I can help you with?” They usually leave – thank you.


When you are able to put work behind you (at least for a few hours)  and all you want to do is put your feet up and relax. You may light a candle, turning the lights out as well as the TV. I can go along with that, but I still like a little bit of the world around me, because there’s alone and Alone. I don’t like to feel cut off from the world I am use too.


So, I am ready for this blackout to be over with, I and ready for the air to come back on, and the sound of any my favorite TV show. I wonder how come blackout don’t happen in the winter when one can add an extra blanket and be comfortable verses being hot with no chance of cooling off? Another unanswered questions.


                         The End!!

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