My Time ~ My Way.


Today was the first time I slept past 8am and was not sick. I guess the rain outside was soothing. I have heard that rain helps you sleep. I like to watch the rain, so I normally don’t sleep through it. 

Well as long as it’s not a storm I enjoy the rain. I find it relaxing. It’s like washing away all that’s dirty in the air, and giving life to nature’s beauty. The trees clean our air, the flowers allow bees to make honey, and plants keep us from going hungry. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, man, child, and an animal. We all need to drink water. I know for me it’s hard to do, because it doesn’t have a taste. I may not drink as much as my doctor or my child (who is now 21) likes me too, but some water is better than none.

Times like this morning I wish I had a book in hand to read, but I have read all of the books I have. There are times when I can read a book over, but then there are times as soon as I read a few pages I recall the whole book. That isn’t a good book to read again.

I had thought getting up late was going to make me lazy, but I was wrong. I didn’t realize my body needed the rest. I watched a movie as I worked on a cross stitch project all before my talk show came on. 

I am NOT going to miss the ladies of “The Real” talk show go without watching it. I enjoyed a cup of coffee or two as someone had me laughing. It may have started off on a sad note, because we are living in a sad time right now, but some are trying to stay positive and encourage others to not focus on the bad things.

I also worked on my rainbow blanket and my time was well spent. The sun came out and I did go for a short walk and as I look out the window I am thinking about going out again. I may not be going too far, but some fresh air is better than none.

I have had a productive day so far. It is a little after 3pm and I am surprised  I am not hungry. There was a time when I would just eat whether I was hungry or not. If you look at the clock, it says it’s past lunch time, and you need to eat.

I remember the food chart I saw in school years ago  and said something about eating three meals per day. I agree we all need to eat, but why eat when you are not hungry? 


I am good with my rosemary popcorn and water for now. I’ll just eat a big dinner at an earlier time. I have no idea what that will be, but that question will be answered in a few hours from now.

I have been looking for a DVD for a few days and I still haven’t found it. I went through my dvd’s and found that I had two copies of other movies (the extra ones will be donated to the library as soon as it’s open) but not the one I am looking at.

I really want to  work on my rainbow blanket as I watch Frozen  and Frozen 2 back to back. I watched Frozen 2 about a month ago and today I thought it would be cool to watch them back to back as I work on my gift. I know it’s looking at me as I overlook it. I bet I will put my DVD back  after I watch it. This will be my last time looking for a DVD…..20200420_154847

Yeah I found what was lost and now I am once again going to do something different.  I already finished an article for my website and started this one for my blog, so I am doing good, and tomorrow I will finish this (hopefully) and go on from there. 

I kind of like having a lot of things to keep me busy throughout these long days. Then again my mind doesn’t focus on one thing for too long anyway. Some may think I am not getting anything done, but time management is a cool thing. One has to know what their limits are and how to make time work for them. You may not understand my order and that’s cool, because you are not me. I am doing things my way, because I like being “Me”…..

(7:21am) Another day and I almost missed my time to walk as I thought out my day. I may have sat in my room for a few minutes looking at the tv that wasn’t turned into a television show, but a gospel music channel. I had to shake my head and get up, because if I could sit and think. I can walk and think as well.

I got my first 30min walk in for today. I am going to push for nothing less than 5 more times. It may not be much, but a little movement has to count. I am also adding a low impact chair workout to this routine. I may not lose those extra pounds I have picked up since being locked up. I am working on not adding to them.

The sun is out and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day. The thing is I don’t feel like doing my hair right now, so I am just going to have to enjoy the sight of a beautiful day, and not be out in it. Then again it is still early and I haven’t yet had my coffee.

I was going to end this here, but I have an unclear thought I wanted to add. Don’t you hate when you lose your train of thoughts and no matter how hard you try to recall that thought. It just seems like it’s gone for good. Like when you are looking for something and you cannot find it as soon as you stop looking for it, it was so close and your mind just overlooked it? That is another unanswered question of how that happens?

The beauty of outside is slowly fading, because my eyes really want to close. I don’t have the energy to go no father then my bed and don’t like this feeling. Think I will go out on the patio and work on my rainbow blanket and stop thinking so much. I am putting way too much time in planning my day. 

There is a saying “What may come – comes?” I am at a loss at the real saying, and I am wrong. I am going to end this here and more on to a different thought. No sense trying to add on when this thought is done.. 


Bye IV Now, LD*

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