A Cane isn’t the End!

I never thought I would have to use a cane. I am just barely over the sentry mark (52 years young) and knowing I shouldn’t have a cane in my hand. I enjoyed my 30min walk outside. I will get back to a Better me and this cane WILL NOT BE NEEDED MUCH LONGER.

 I can walk freely, but the pain in my back says, “slow down and take a seat.” To think I got the cane, because my job (where I am standing for four hours) doesn’t want to honor my doctor’s note (the note said I needed a chair). Which said I needed the chair, because this is temporary. 

Then again if I cannot heal, my job doesn’t care, but I am putting my faith where it needs to be. This pain WILL NOT be with me for long nor will I be at the dead end job for long.

It’s 8:29am let me get back to my boring classes, because I need more knowledge to be free..

The time is 9:23am I got through four videos before my mind started going a different direction. I wish this instructor would just teach what is needed, and stop the unnecessary words (telling things we don’t need as beginners) and talking about stuff that is in the next video. One topic at a time.

I am going to take a break from this, but not what I need to do. It is time to edit my book. I am getting closer to that 50000 thousand word count every day. I believe I am just a little over 63000 now. Although I really just want a cup of coffee, work first relaxes later…

11:00am The Real just came on. I know it’s a repeat, but I am home and I am NOT missing my ladies if I can help it. I am smiling, one chapter down at 62885 word count, and now I am ready to have a cup of coffee.

I believe I am going to watch a double feature of Mary Poppins as I work on a new crochet project. I realized yesterday that I needed some reviews on my projects and I have lost contact with a lot of my customers. Some was co – workers from long ago jobs, to a few passing friends I only spoke with while on the bus or friends who have moved away.

The few friends I am still in touch with, I will be putting out words to them that I need help, and I will be giving a few gifts away to add a little more to my creative resume. (Smile)

I am still ignoring those who say I should sell and not accept job offers by request. For some reason people believe I can make a blanket in a day (I am shacking my head) and I just give them a stupid look and move on.

I am only one person doing my best and I am blessed as always. My goal is to have my new Blog/Website ready by the first of next month. I am so looking forward to working Smart and no longer for a company who does not care. My time and energy will go to where I am most happy as it should be. I believe to give your best one has to be at their best.

Bye IV Now, LD*

(573 word count)

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