Crochet & One Piece..

I saw this yarn and thought how pretty these colors are, but I had no idea on what I was going to make with it. Then the next question I was asking myself, was how come I only got one? 

I am still shaking my head at that one. I can not count the amount of times where I would buy an extra skein of yarn just to make sure I didn’t run out of yarn.

I end up with a lot of unused yarn. A challenge to make something out of each color and type of yarn I hadn’t used for a finish project.

I put aside the colorful yarn and started thinking about another multi color skein of yarn I had bought, because I liked the colors.

A few weeks ago I walked out my front door to some really cold air and thought I am going to need a scarf soon and when I got back home from work. I looked at a few videos before I found this one.  WAVE AFTER WAVE POCKET SHAWL 

Learn how to make this crochet pocket shawl using a beautiful ‘shell stitch’. You can find the written pattern on my website:…

I am not sure why I changed my mind, especially since I really didn’t want to undo my work, but I did. It was easy and – I just realized why I changed my mind. I kept on losing count and since I was making this for myself. I said, “oh well,” and –

I am actually glad I did this, because I have been wanting to make a square blanket, but didn’t want to do another granny square blanket. I came across a new look to a granny square and I am having so much fun….

**This absolutely beautiful and delicate baby blanket is just dreamy! It’s very simple once you get started and I hope you enjoy the tutorial! **

I am about to get back to watching “One Piece” as I continue to work on my blanket. Luffy is with Hancock and he is about to find out about his brother.

Boa Hancock is known as the “Snack Princes” of Amazon Lily  and head of the Kuja Pirates with her two sisters. They come from a land where there are no men.  

When Luffy arrives at the island it wasn’t by his choice and once they stopped trying to kill him. Hancock saw him in a new light.

She is as strong as she is beautiful (as she says along with everyone else). Oh well, it is time I get back to my project. I am having so much fun….

Bye IV Now, LD*

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