Two of James

I am amazed that there are two James? I am also wondering why and how I keep attracting them? I didn’t believe there could be two people with the same backwards thoughts.(SMH)

The other day I saw a mug with a black lady’s face with an Afriacn hat and I automatically thought about my friend Ann.

She is the mother of five and not only has a strong faith in God. She not only encourages her kids, but their friends (one of them being my son) as well to be better than what people may see them to be. 

She didn’t even blink when we lost our place and she took him in without blinking an eye and to me that is “A Black Queen” a.k.a the cup. (I didn’t find out that it was her birthday until the next day, but all in all. I am Smiling, because she liked my gift)

Today without thinking I put on a pale yellow t-shirt (My mother gave me as a Christmas gift) that reads “Strong Empowered Woman,” and I agree 100% that is who I am.

James #1 I have known over twenty years and although I wasn’t saved then, times have changed. The day I found Christ was the best thing that ever happened to me and “Yes, I did let him know.” 

We stayed friends. I had to keep reminding him that I no longer saw the world through dull eyes, I looked for a way to make things better, and holding onto my faith. I had stopped talking to him, because of his hurtful words. I know he doesn’t mean anything, because he sees the world through his eyes only. 

James # 2 had said he asked me to watch a movie and get dinner at his house, because he wanted some company. He has been working at home, since his company shut down, because of Corvid.

I can’t believe I did the same thing, when I started talking to James #1 again. I even explained why I had stopped talking to him, (and of course no apology) but out of knowing him for so long. I didn’t want to end our friendship without trying to even out the rough spots.

It really didn’t take long before his one sided conversation was starting to bug me. I tried talking to him, but he wasn’t listening. I said, “Good-Bye” to him a few weeks ago, and I will NOT answer his calls or text. (I am laughing, because he just called again. I wish I knew how to block his number) 

I am NOT going to put my feelings aside so I can talk to someone. I know how to get into the Word (the Bible), work on my projects from my book, short stories, crochet, or cross stitch.

I do have a few friends I can talk to and I know I AM LOVED and do not have to put myself second for anyone.

Now James #2 first asked what I was doing, but not really listening as I told him I was almost done with my book and jokingly said, “and so ready to get paid” and then going to read more of first Samuel. That would be a book in the Bible.

James #2 couldn’t believe I wouldn’t go to his place. I was just about to say, “goodnight” when the fool had the nerve to say, “Well I guess you didn’t want to make any money tonight.”

I was silent for a second and calming said, “You haven’t heard a word I said I am a Christan a child of God and too GOOD for you.” I suggested he read the Bible and get satan out of his heart for he will never amount to anything and that life could be cut short. I hung up and thought what a sad little stout of a wanna be man he is. 

As I was walking home today I thought maybe it’s just the name James that turned men a little crazy. I am thinking I will read the book of James after I finish reading 1st Samuel. I am hoping I am wrong about that name.

{On a side note: I just remembered Loni Love from The Real said she was dating a new man and he was nice and his name is James. I guess there are a few good men named James}. Silly me – I also just remembered James isn’t their real name, because I didn’t want anyone to Sue me for telling my truth…..

James #1 only thinks of himself…

James #2 thinks ungodly thoughts…

I am Smiling, because like my t-shirt says I am a Strong Woman and NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT!!!!

Bye IV Now, LD*

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