A Frog Project…

I cannot believe I am going back on my word when I said “I would Never Frog again,”and I couldn’t look at the crochet skirt I made for myself (which was too big)any longer and had to take it out.

Then again it didn’t come out like I was hoping it would. I was trying to figure out how I could improve it, but my mind kept on coming up black. So, this is what happened in the end…

I had thought I could just go around one side,but that didn’t work out. I decided to make a granny square blanket, but I am not choosing the colors. However the yarn comes from my skirt that is how the pattern will flow..

I was going to look for some more places to visit in California, but I rather watch an anime as I work on my pink & beige project…
Bye IV Now, LD*

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