Traveling Online #7: Connecticut

My next stop in Connecticut and as I was looking at a list of America’s States. There was a time when I knew them by heart. I am surprised I don’t remember them all, because of the amount of time I spent memorizing each one. Then again that was more than 30 years ago.. In this new age where one can sit at a desk where there is a computer and an answer to almost every question that can be asked….

{} Connecticut US State

Description Connecticut is a U.S. state in southern New England that has a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted with small towns. Mystic is famed for its Seaport museum filled with centuries-old ships, and the beluga whale exhibits at Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the city of New Haven is known as the home of Yale University and its acclaimed Peabody Museum of Natural History. ― Google {}


New Yorkers are MOVING here?:Walking Stamford, CT Downtown (1/25/ 2021)

ActionKid    I walk in the downtown area of Stamford, CT. I exit a Metro-North train at the Stamford Station, walk on South State Street, north on Atlantic Street, and then west on Broad Street to the Mill River Park. {}

#1 This video was a little sad, because after getting off of the train there wasn’t any sound or any kind of information. I came close to stop watching this video and moving on, but my list of videos was low. I did fast forward stopping when I came across something that caught my attention and hoping I could figure out what it was.

  1. The library was colorful and I liked the building…
  2. A set of trees in an open space where there were some names on a small wavy wall, across the street from a fancy Target.
  3. A nice walk way where I could imagine sitting on a bench and enjoying a book.

It still would have been nice to know what I was looking at, because I’m sure that walkway had a name. Oh well, I am hoping to have better luck with the next video, because so far I am a little bored…..

{}  MYSTIC AQUARIUM   The Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT 2021

MR Journey   Beluga Whales of The Mystic Aquarium , Mystic, CT 2021. First time we are visit Mystic Aquarium. We are very excited to see Beluga and Shark and lots of Ocean Fish.{}

#2 Once again I started to end a video, before I was done with it, because if I cannot understand what is being said in a video it wasn’t meant for me. Then just as the pointer was inches away from the stop button, there were some kids and “yes” they spoke English.

**Side note: Please don’t take my words out of order. I believe if a person can speak more than one language and it is their history PLEASE talk and teach the next generation, so your history won’t be lost. Teach it to others so we can learn and understand each other. So, I apologize if I miss and hurt someone’s feelings.

I had to fast forward the video. I am not really a sea person, well I like an open space. There were some pretty colorful fishes and loud sea animals .

{}[HD] First steam train of 2021 – Connecticut Valley Railroad, 3/20/21 

South Coast Rail Videos {}

#3 No, I did not watch this whole video. I have bored myself out. I found a few other videos, but nothing worth watching I am sorry to say. I am sure Connecticut is a cool place to visit and I am just just finding a good video. 

Side note: I wish I hadn’t cut the boring videos and was thinking about adding them anyway, but I didn’t want to bore anyone else. One was more information, more of a history report (on the rich & poor side of town), the others a drive through with no sound, the wind, a piano (which was nice), and some talking, and nothing worth me adding to my page.

{} ROAD TRIP- Exploring Connecticut •Sep 26, 2020

Meg’s Adventtures  Follow along with my adventures to one of my new favorite states, Connecticut!! I literally felt like I was in a fairy tale, it was so magical. This was state number 8 on this road trip{}

#4 I was more than surprised when I came across Meg’s site and was “Happy” I even subscribbed (which I don’t normally do). I am also happy she had a safe place to stay one night, but I wouldn’t recommend staying at a  stranger’s place. Then again I am old and scary? I guess it comes from looking at the news for too long.

Well, I am going to cut my time in Connecticut and move onto my next project. I am basically avoiding working on my next book, because I don’t want to work out a major conflict between two sisters. Again another misunderstanding that could have been settled if people would just talk to each other….

 My next State will be  Delaware.  Time for a cup of coffee and back to work….

Bye IV Now, LD*

PS –

I type in Google doc and it is so NICE and then I get to my blog site and its a mess. I enjoy writing for fun, but I am thinking about giving it up, because I HATE this New Age stuff.

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