Traveling Online 8: Delaware

I cannot believe I was about to give up on my idea of traveling online to see the States across America, because I got bored. Not every State will be exciting, but I am sure I can find something enjoyable to watch. I will not give up just to prove myself “right”.  My next stop is Delaware. I have no idea where it is or anything about this state. I can’t wait to learn something new and hopefully fun….

{} Delaware US State

Description: Delaware , a small Mid-Atlantic U.S. state, sits on a peninsula marked by dune-backed beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River and Delaware Bay. In Dover, the capital, First State Heritage Park encompasses 18th-century Colonial landmarks like the Georgian-style Old State House. The city of Wilmington is known for the Riverfront, waterside of parks, boutiques and restaurants. __ Google {}


Explore the State of Delaware

Imagine miles of pristine beaches and friendly, fun coastal towns. See yourself a tax-free shopping spree at Delaware beaches boutiques and galleries, then stepping out for an evening of cutting-edge culinary adventure, followed by a quiet walk along the surf. Envision a land adorned with grand mansions and lush gardens, inviting us all to share the regal charm of Delaware’s “Chateau Country.” Take time to pamper yourself with a spa weekend, or a quiet escape into Delaware’s wildlife refuges, alive with birds and beauty.

In Delaware, so many paths are yours to explore – for a day, for a weekend, or any time at all. Begin your journey with a 360 degree adventure of Delaware.

Travel Advisory for COVID-19 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Delaware. {}

Side Note : They had a video with this site and within seconds of watching the pretty blue water I was hooked. I wonder how many cool videos I will find……


WILMINGTON •Jun 27, 2020

maXimum DR    Wilmington 4K driving downtown Delaware USA 

Wilmington Downtown As of the 2019 United States Census estimate, the city’s population is 70,166.[4] It is the fifth least populous city in the U.S. to be the most populous in its state.[citation needed] The Wilmington Metropolitan Division, comprising New Castle County, DE, Cecil County, MD and Salem County, NJ, had an estimated 2016 population of 719,887.[7] The Delaware Valley metropolitan area, which includes the cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Camden, New Jersey, had a 2016 population of 6,070,500, and a combined statistical area of 7,179,357.{}

#1 : I surprised myself by watching a video without sound. Then again I clicked on four videos before this one and two sounded like a robot and the others I couldn’t get past the unusual sound supposed to be someone’s voice.

Side note : I made a video or two (not on YouTube and not that long)and my voice was not as clear and didn’t sound like myself, so I got it, but there was no way I was going to enjoy a twenty minute long video if I was trying to block out their voices.. Sorry…

I opened another page and started listening to jazz as I watched this city  and working on my “Baby Blue” crochet project. I liked the building and even saw a corner store and that brought a smile. It reminded me of the time I spent in New York, where you can find almost anything in a corner store.

Three things caught my attent within this video:

  1.  Delaware Historical Society – This was a cool sign that is like a small bridge  above the city street.
  2. A building called “Queen”
  3. Another building called “ Milk & Honey” I believe is a coffee shop. About to see if I am right?

{} webp/1k-KT2s48Ck/mqdefault 6s.webp du+300&sqp=CPqdzlQG&rs=AO4CLAdgxTuFOtrG5qDUyBsX-hq c8VkA

Welcome to Delaware Latvis HIST705 •Feb 26, 2021 Carmen Latvis   This is a project for HIST705{}

#1.1 ~ I enjoyed learning more about this state and the old time homes  and a lot of information. It is fun to learn something new….



All hail her royal highness, The Queen! Originally built in the 1800s, “The Indian Queen Hotel” was a popular place for traveling sailors to spend the night. From 1916-1959, the hotel was repurposed into a movie theater and brought joy to thousands of locals. Sadly, it was abandoned and sat dormant for over 50 years. With water pouring through the ceilings, the walls caving in, and the façad. e crumbling, this majestic theater had become a faded memory of Market Street’s vibrant past. However, as all good leaders do, The Queen found her way back to the throne and reopened her doors to the people on April 1st, 2011. Today, she stands as one of the most historic buildings and theaters in Wilmington, Delaware.

#1.2  ~  Isn’t a video, but highlights about this building that has a history of entertaining for years ago and brought back to life to continue with its path. If you go to The Queen’s website (above info) you can take a virtual tour of the building.

Side Note: In my younger days I could see myself going to a concert here and enjoying dancing along with others enjoying some good music. I don’t see a gospel or an artist who plays jazz performing here. Then again I could be wrong. I can see myself in a private event, something special, and to remember.



After 10 years of operating Loma Coffee as a place to make the community feel welcome and well-served, it is bittersweet to announce that Loma Coffee has turned over the coffee shop operation to the Milk and Honey Café at Loma. Milk & Honey will begin serving its notable style of coffee and handcrafted meals to the Lower market community in early October.

Sycamore Hill Church-Wilmington will continue its partnership in this space with the purpose of remaining a neighbor and spiritual resource for the community. {}

# 1.3  ~ I was right about the building “Milk & Honey,” but it took me awhile to locate the one I saw. There are two cafe’s with this same name and I read a little of each . It got me thinking I would like to go to this café and try their coffee and enjoy a meal. (Well, if they had anything that didn’t have any meat in it, because I am still cutting that mostly out of my diet) 

Side Note: So far Milk & Honey is the  only thing that I find interesting about Delaware, but this is a chain café and I do recall seeing one in Queens. My hometown in New York and Queens isn’t that far away.

I almost passed over looking at this site, because of the name. I am glad I looked at the building on  239 N. Market St, because this is the building I saw. I wonder if you could order a bag or two of coffee?? 

Before I go and pick up my light blue project (which is a little bigger then what is shown in this picture) I believe I will try and find one more video….

I have no interest in sports or the top college there is in Delaware. I did find two more 4K videos, but they have no sounds and I don’t feel like listening as I watch them drive around. It was nice the first time and I am sure I may see something I might like, but I was looking for more information.

{} New Castle City in Delaware

Description: New castle is a city in New Castle County, Delaware, United State, six miles south of Wilmington, and situated on the Delaware River. According to the 2010 Census, the population of the city is 5,285. Wikipedia. {}

 {} NEW CASTLE •Jan 14, 2021

The Country Starts in New Castle, Delaware

Travel with Trey     Travel with Trey to the city where the country began to take shape on a collision course with independence from England. Prior to Philadelphia’s prominence on the national stage, New Castle was an influential colonial town where politicians, pugilists, and commoners gathered to stake a claim in the new land. New Castle quickly became identified with one of the first seats of government. William Penn first set foot here on the new land, and the “First State” was declared here at the New Castle courthouse. 

Music in this video: Flight to Tunisia by Causmic {}

#2 I am so glad I didn’t give up on Delaware. Thanks Google:  The 10 Best Places To Live In Delaware For 2021 

  • Milton – Newark – Wyoming – Bellefonte – Rehoboth Beach – Townsend – New Castle – Clayton.

The word castle caught my attention first and thought why not look up NewCastle and I am glad I did. There was a nice looking building and it looked like a cool place to take long walks.

Side Note: I am beyond curious about Newark in Delaware, because I thought it was just in New Jersey.  I am going to have to go off route and and compare these two cities before I continue with my regular traveling.

{} Newark (/ˈnuːɑːrk/ NEW-ark) is a city in New Castle County, Delaware, United States. It is located 12 miles (19 km) west-southwest of Wilmington. According to the 2010 Census, the population of the city is 31,454. Newark is home to the University of Delaware.

County: New Castle Country: United States

Newark, Delaware – Wikipedia › wiki › Newark,_Delaware {} 

Bye Now, LD*

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