A Q & A from Traveling Online….

I am still tripping over the fact that there are two Newarks? One is in Delaware and the one I know of is in New Jersey, and like most believed that was the only one. I am taking a side step on my traveling across America online to learn the difference between these two states..

It has been said, “One is never too old to learn,” or “we learn something new every day,” and the saying’s are endless….

{} Newark City in Delaware

Description: Newark is a small city in Delaware. It’s known for its green spaces, like Rittenhouse Park, with its trout-filled creek. On the outskirts, White Clay Creek State Park has miles of forest trails, plus a late – 1700s mansion on the estate of Judge Morris. A paith circling Newark Reservoir offers city views. The University Museums at the University of Delaware include collections of art, plus the Mineralogical Museum. – – Google. {}


  • Nov 25, 2020

NEWARK Search for the Delaware ArcPoint/ Newark, DE

Location Covered: Newark, DE ✅{}

#1 This is one time I wish there was just music. There was some nice information, but I would have liked less talking. I guess it was just a little on the slow side for me. 

{} https://youtu.be/U3I6e3usCZg

February 2021 – Snowy Newark Delaware,

Sree sarkar {}

#2 This was a most enjoyable video, because the snow just made this neighborhood look so pretty. I like to look at the snow, but I will not live in it ever again… 


NEWARK – Finding new things right where Live,,, Newark, Delaware  • Jun 19, 2020

Brandy Tronconi Photography

While walking in the town I live and travel through on a daily basis, I found a cute little boutique, Vloom, that I have never seen before and ate in a restaurant, Santa Fe, I have never been to.

Bloom is located at 165 east Main Street, Newark, Delaware. Website: www.bloomfolly.com facebook:@ bloomfolly Instagram: bloomdelaware. {}

#3 This video was real. She talked about the area, how it is and how it was and hopeful how it would return as she walked. She passed a church with no info, or words of any kind, and I almost stopped watching. 

Well, I did stop the video, but clicked on play again. I did like the flow of what I had seen and was going to get over not knowing the answer to my question. 

To my surprise I was “Happy” when she went into a little store called ‘Bloom’ that made me think of “Bell-books & Candles” from the TV series Good Witch. I may not never get to go there, but there is a website and I can’t wait to see if I like something worth buying. I am pretty sure I will…

**I was only going to do 2 videos on Newark Delaware, but I got in three. (yes, I watched a few others, but nothing worth watching twice). Time to go to Newark, New Jersey…

{} Newark  City in New Jersey                                 Description  – Newark is a New Jersey city, home to Newark Liberty International Airport. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) hosts big-name concerts, dance performances and other shows. Newark Museum’s broad art collection features American paintings and sculptures. Branch Brook Park offers pathways, lakes and abundant cherry trees. The huge Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart was built over decades, starting in 1898. – Google.{}


Newark NJ Downtown/Newark NJ Broad & Mark Street [April 2021]

Street Cruise

In this video explore Newark NJ, Newark NJ Broad and Market Street, Newark NJ Penn Station, Newark NJ Downtown.{}

#4 This video didn’t need any  words to explain what was being shown and the soft music in the background was nice as I watched this city while I worked on my orange & blue project.

** I guess this is the only video I will post about Newark, NJ. It is true there are a few areas that aren’t good to live in, but I am sure there has to be some nice areas there too? I don’t really know, because this was the only video I found. 

I should keep looking, but I am so over it. Let me recap on the differences between these two cities. Newark, DE looks to be a nice area to lose yourself in a nice walk through town and it felt welcome. One shouldn’t go to  Newark, NJ  unless they are used to walking into a Real world area.

Bye IV Now, LD*

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