:) Krochet ~ Cafe`

Hello & Welcome to Krochet ~ Cafe….

My name is Lisa D. I enjoy turning yarn, thread, and words into something NeW.  Whenever I have an idea and I want to turn it into reality I find a way to do just that and ‘Krochet~Cafe’ is a way for me to gather my Thoughts & Creativity to set these Dreams Free.

It’s Time to have some FuN!!

This was my website http://www.krochetcafe.com, (and yes it is still up until Sep’ 1st) but I am letting it go. I realized I was talking (typing) here on my blog (and trying to get it better) more so I am going to be me here at ‘3am Thunder of Words’ just like thunder you may Never know where it may go. At least I am hoping to get a Smile or Two…

Well I am working on a ‘yellow project,’ and like to calm down a little. I just liked the colors and then someone made fun of them, because “Why are you making the Lakers colors?” was said to me. I had to laugh, because if you know me – then you know I am NOT a Sport kind of girl.

I crochet for a lot of reasons:

  1. I find some colors that I like –
  2. Someone ask me to make something from their choice of colors –
  3. Someone give me their yarn, because they have giving up on working with them –
  4. or I am just working on leftover yarn.

Which is what I am doing right now, but its all good. I found a new pattern and I am having fun…


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