Not Feeling at My Best

Photo by Ellie Burgin on

What do you do 

When all you

Want to do

   Is – Nothing….

Don’t want to watch anime…

Don’t feel like crocheting….

The idea of searching for knowledge 

Of things to do in Maine..

(I will do this one day soon)

I had an easy day at work,

So not overly tired.

I didn’t cook dinner 

(even though I should have)

I want to try to figure out

How to build my blog

And get it working for me,

(with selling my crochet projects)

Because I am tired of working 

Paycheck to paycheck

And not really enjoying 

My life.

 I really don’t

Want to turn the lights on..

I guess I will checkout what is on

Netflixs and call it a  


Bye IV Now, LD*

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