Keeping Positive..

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I haven’t been able to stop working on my new “V” stitch project, nor have I been able to stop thinking about Tia Mowry quick fix cook book. Which I plan on doing a book review on, (its that GOOD) but my eyes are ready to close.

I can’t believe I was talking on the phone for over an hour. As I rethink about what was said and what I heard my mind is still unclear. I let a few friends read my book, with no respond, but when I found an editor she said, “Your book isn’t good, but I will still publish it for you.” That would have cost me $3,000.00, and she was willing to do it in payments. NOT!

Then as I was enjoying my conversation when “Thomas” called me once again. Its been seven months and I am wondering why he is still reaching out? Then again a few times I cought myself, before I could do the same. I did this before, I stopped talking to him, and reached out, but once again hurtful words came from his mouth. It doesn’t matter if we were friends for over 20 years.

I have decided I only want to keep positive people in my small group of friends and that is the reason why I Can Not answer his calls anymore. Well as I am once again watching The Ouran Host Club and going to enjoy the rest of my Friday night. Time for a cup of hot lemon water…..

Bye IV Now, LD*

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