Sorry, your throw isn’t free…

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

**Side note – The blanket in this picture, by Daria Shevtsova. I know how to make it, but I don’t know how to keep each stitch in place. I had to redo it one time too many and got tired trying to figure it out. I got my blanket done another way. It was the biggest yarn I have ever used.


I got to work early one day and quickly set up a space where I could start creating. I had my gospel music playing semi loud as I worked on my latest crochet project. (not this pink & grey project)

It doesn’t surprise me anymore as someone completed my work. I am grateful for someone like my work and even more hopeful when they express how they would like to buy something I could make for them.

They are happy to tell me their ideas and if it’s within my skills I will give them part of the answer they want to hear. “Yes, I can make it for you.” I try to keep my prices as low as I can, but for some reason some are surprised at the amount. I can’t believe I even broke it down with honest words:

  1. It takes an hour and a half to and from my house. (I do not have a car and have to take at least two buses to get anywhere) That’s three hours just in travel time.
  2. Another hour to get the materials I need to complete the project.
  3. A skein of yarn costs $6.00 (before tax) and it normally takes at least two skeins to make a throw for a chair.
  4. It will take one or two weeks to complete a small project. (If its not a rush job, because I do have a job)
  5. It will cost $30.00 for one throw…

I know my price was low and reasonable. I had planned on a simple design. Although she wanted a multiple granny square throw. I had to remind her of the cost of the yarn and my time.

I also wasn’t surprised she no longer wanted the throw. If you go to any retail store the cost of a throw is around $15.00 to $30.00. You can buy a copy of a blanket or buy an original throw or none at all?

The next time she saw me, it was a friendly greeting, but no more talk about making her a throw. It’s okay, because most people don’t see the value of a homemade item beyond the amount they have to pay for it.

Bye IV Now, LD

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