A Nice Get Away

 The Art of a Good Book Review:

  1. Provide a summary of the book you are reading: Questions that need answering like:  – What is the story about?                              – Who are the main characters?                      – When, where, and what is the time frame of the story?                                                       – Is this place real in reality or a totally new world based on the author’s creative mind?  

                          ** The key part is to give some of the story, but NOT all of it.**        

  1.  Present your evaluation: What do you like or dislike about the book?                                   – What made you start reading this book?       – Can compare to another book by the same or different author.                                            – How did the story start?                               – How did you feel reading this story? 

    ***Get your point across about the story without giving too much away *** (had to say this twice, because it’s an important part. If everyone knew how it ends, no one would buy the book, and that’s Not what a book review is for).

  1. Give your recommendation: Why did you like or did not like the book? Be honest, but NOT hurtful. Because, there is going to be someone who doesn’t feel the same as you.                   – Your thoughts should be within your review to allow your readers to get a feel of your words and they may understand your “Yes” or “no” answer to this review. 

**Take notes as you read the book, to make sure you didn’t overlook something, and to add more detail if needed.*** 

– One can always read others who have written a book review to give you a better idea on how to do it?

This is how I spent part of my saturday. I redid my resume and started doing the normal things you do when you are looking to change jobs. I had just updated my Linkedin account and stopped on a blog. (I don’t recall the story or who had written it, but it got me thinking “I do not want another deadend job,” and I want to be happy. I am going to stop here to see if I can find that story – 2:49pm)

3:03pm I found the person, but I am too hungry to get any farther. (I did say, “thanks” for the encouraging step)

I am reading two of the 6 books I need to read to complete “The Malory Family,” a series of books by Johanna Lindsey before I start writing that book review. I know each book should have its own review, but that isn’t how my mind sees it.

Well, it’s time to get dinner started, because I plan on spending all of my free time reading. It is good to get out of reality once in a while and I LOVE this family. They may NOT be real, (too bad) but they are a nice get away…

Bye IV Now, LD*

Book Review II

Title : Merrick

By   : Anne Rice


I got this book, because I thought it was about witches. It is, but it is also about vampires. This book brought my love of one vampire named, “Lestat” in the movie/book “The Interview with the Vampires.”


Let’s get back to the book in hand, “Merrick”:


Louis is very unhappy, because he is unsure if Claudia’s spirit was at peace. Lestat was in a deep sleep, who else was there to help him understand this problem. David Talbot – I’m guessing is the author who wrote Louis’s story and Lestat turned him into a vampire, is the one who is his (Louis) next closest friend.


David had been friends with Merrick since she was a young girl. He knew the family of the Mayfair Witches. She (Merrick) help them and is convinced the spirit lied when she told Louis she (Claudia) didn’t care for him etc… etc…..


Merrick tricks Louis into giving her some of his blood. He went against his word and made her a vampire. Louis tried to kill himself, by putting himself into a yard – waiting for the sun. Lastat awoke late, but was able to save him (Louis).


Anyway, I enjoyed this book and it got me wanting to read all of the books, which tell a story with Lastat in it, and Tom Cruise’s face reminding me how cute Lastat is (if he was real).





Book Review ~

Title : Midnight Magic

By   : Deirdre Savoy


I enjoyed the story between Elise and Garrett Taylor from how they met to how they came close to ending a marriage that lasted seventeen years and more to come.


It took a trip to a secluded Caribbean Island to bring out their fears each had to bringing their Love back around.


                         The End..

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