A Nice Get Away

 The Art of a Good Book Review:

  1. Provide a summary of the book you are reading: Questions that need answering like:  – What is the story about?                              – Who are the main characters?                      – When, where, and what is the time frame of the story?                                                       – Is this place real in reality or a totally new world based on the author’s creative mind?  

                          ** The key part is to give some of the story, but NOT all of it.**        

  1.  Present your evaluation: What do you like or dislike about the book?                                   – What made you start reading this book?       – Can compare to another book by the same or different author.                                            – How did the story start?                               – How did you feel reading this story? 

    ***Get your point across about the story without giving too much away *** (had to say this twice, because it’s an important part. If everyone knew how it ends, no one would buy the book, and that’s Not what a book review is for).

  1. Give your recommendation: Why did you like or did not like the book? Be honest, but NOT hurtful. Because, there is going to be someone who doesn’t feel the same as you.                   – Your thoughts should be within your review to allow your readers to get a feel of your words and they may understand your “Yes” or “no” answer to this review. 

**Take notes as you read the book, to make sure you didn’t overlook something, and to add more detail if needed.*** 

– One can always read others who have written a book review to give you a better idea on how to do it?

This is how I spent part of my saturday. I redid my resume and started doing the normal things you do when you are looking to change jobs. I had just updated my Linkedin account and stopped on a blog. (I don’t recall the story or who had written it, but it got me thinking “I do not want another deadend job,” and I want to be happy. I am going to stop here to see if I can find that story – 2:49pm)

3:03pm I found the person, but I am too hungry to get any farther. (I did say, “thanks” for the encouraging step)

I am reading two of the 6 books I need to read to complete “The Malory Family,” a series of books by Johanna Lindsey before I start writing that book review. I know each book should have its own review, but that isn’t how my mind sees it.

Well, it’s time to get dinner started, because I plan on spending all of my free time reading. It is good to get out of reality once in a while and I LOVE this family. They may NOT be real, (too bad) but they are a nice get away…

Bye IV Now, LD*

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