The End of James..

Dear James,

I do believe in giving a person a second chance, but I also believe in living in reality and knowing when to let go. I try to find the good in all, because no one is born to be a one sided person .

I  am NOT going to apologize for putting my feelings first, because if I don’t, who will? A few months ago I told you I was done, but I went back on my word.

I couldn’t see myself giving up on a person I have known for over twenty years. Then I stopped making excuses and actually started listening between the lines and I realized you are NOT REAL.

I lost count of how many times I have told you, “I am not allowing anyone to put poison in my body,” and yet you haven’t done it.

I tell you I am beyond tired and didn’t feel like talking and you send me an angry text talking about how you needed my advice and how I wasn’t being a friend.

I am not upset with you, because you are just being you. It takes more than one person to be called a friend. What do you call a friend? Two or more people who:

  1.   Likes the same things you do
  2.   Care about each other’s feeling 
  3.   Will help each other in anyway they can
  4.   Who knows you and how you feel about certain things
  5.   They also know what you dislike and if it’s different from how you feel, they will not bring it up in your presence.
  6.  They will want the best for you and NOT try to bring you down.
  7.  They will be the first to stand with you, when trouble comes to push you back, and they know you will do the same for them.
  8. They will not only laugh with you, but be there to let you cry on their shoulder.
  9. They know what to say or do to make you Smile, when all you want to do is cry.
  10. A person who becomes more than just a “Friend,” but becomes “Family”.

When it comes down to what is at the base of  “A True Friend” is trust. 

Then there is the passing friend. A person who if you saw on the street  you will greet with a smile, but you keep it moving. They may have been close to you at one time, but somewhere they lost your trust. 

You know you cannot let that person within your circle again. This way you could still be polite, to the person that was once called your friend, and keep it moving.  

James, I had  tried to start over, but it takes two people to start over. I even overlooked the times when you were rude and not one encouraging word when I told you how I was going to take a chance on setting my dreams free. You passed by that and wanted me to do something for you. 

I can honestly SMILE now, because I can truly let go and not feel bad about it. I am left alone without anyone else to really talk to, but was I really talking to you or just answering your questions?

Be safe and Good – Bye..

It isn’t easy to let go of a long time friendship, but as I read over my words. I know it takes two people to be friends and I am and will always be TRUE to MYSELF***


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