The End of James..

Dear James,

I do believe in giving a person a second chance, but I also believe in living in reality and knowing when to let go. I try to find the good in all, because no one is born to be a one sided person .

I  am NOT going to apologize for putting my feelings first, because if I don’t, who will? A few months ago I told you I was done, but I went back on my word.

I couldn’t see myself giving up on a person I have known for over twenty years. Then I stopped making excuses and actually started listening between the lines and I realized you are NOT REAL.

I lost count of how many times I have told you, “I am not allowing anyone to put poison in my body,” and yet you haven’t done it.

I tell you I am beyond tired and didn’t feel like talking and you send me an angry text talking about how you needed my advice and how I wasn’t being a friend.

I am not upset with you, because you are just being you. It takes more than one person to be called a friend. What do you call a friend? Two or more people who:

  1.   Likes the same things you do
  2.   Care about each other’s feeling 
  3.   Will help each other in anyway they can
  4.   Who knows you and how you feel about certain things
  5.   They also know what you dislike and if it’s different from how you feel, they will not bring it up in your presence.
  6.  They will want the best for you and NOT try to bring you down.
  7.  They will be the first to stand with you, when trouble comes to push you back, and they know you will do the same for them.
  8. They will not only laugh with you, but be there to let you cry on their shoulder.
  9. They know what to say or do to make you Smile, when all you want to do is cry.
  10. A person who becomes more than just a “Friend,” but becomes “Family”.

When it comes down to what is at the base of  “A True Friend” is trust. 

Then there is the passing friend. A person who if you saw on the street  you will greet with a smile, but you keep it moving. They may have been close to you at one time, but somewhere they lost your trust. 

You know you cannot let that person within your circle again. This way you could still be polite, to the person that was once called your friend, and keep it moving.  

James, I had  tried to start over, but it takes two people to start over. I even overlooked the times when you were rude and not one encouraging word when I told you how I was going to take a chance on setting my dreams free. You passed by that and wanted me to do something for you. 

I can honestly SMILE now, because I can truly let go and not feel bad about it. I am left alone without anyone else to really talk to, but was I really talking to you or just answering your questions?

Be safe and Good – Bye..

It isn’t easy to let go of a long time friendship, but as I read over my words. I know it takes two people to be friends and I am and will always be TRUE to MYSELF***


Dear James



Dear James,

       I would ask how are you doing, but from past conversations I know you are still lost. I can only pray you open your eyes, clear your mind, so you free the pain in your heart.

         I know we cannot help who we love, but we must know what love is in order for this feeling to be real. Love is the strongest feeling us humans have and it can be a joyous feeling or be used as a weapon? How are you using it or how is it being used on you.

     You have been playing this broken record for over twenty-five years. Once you could hear music a sweet sound you could close your eyes and replay the words over and over. A smile forming on your  inside as well as outside for the world to see. 

   A record can play a lifetime, (well as long as you have a record player – for some reason in this age 2019 some kids do not know what I record is? I sometimes miss the 80’s) but without proper care it scratched.  I’ve known some people who could mend a scratch, but if it’s so deep its time to throw it away.

  I can see you shaking your head as you read my letter and even hear you say, “this is my life and not some dumb record,” and I understand when your emotions are so high that you cannot see through the clouds. Then that’s when you start calling out for help, but it’s still your choice if you accept that help.

         There was a time when we didn’t talk, not because of time zones, but because you didn’t like my answers. I wasn’t the only ones who saw those clouds turning black and tried to warn you before the storm came.

        It is true that not everyone will like everyone, and sometimes their feelings for you overrides  the new face in the picture, but then if more than a handful of people are telling you to run?       

           It’s time you look at this relationship in a different way. This what I did and I know it works because I am truly smiling today. Here is some homework for you: 

1.  Write down everything you like about women. (A man for me)          2.  Write down everything you don’t like in a. women.      (A man for me)       3.  Write down what you want in a relationship.                                         4.  Write down what u believe a  relationship should be.                 5.  Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

        One has to know one’s self worth and   Love themselves to be worthy of another person.  After you have made a list of at least 5 or more answers to each question. Then ask yourself if you and your friend matches your answers.

         I am alone by choice, because I Will not let anyone play games with my feelings or my person. Once I got closer to Jesus I realized I want a Real man. I believe in order for you to find a real woman who wants u & not your $$$ u have to get right yourself.

         It’s hard, but who said life would be easy. Nothing worth having is going to be less then a fight, but is that fight worth having.

~And I myself will fight against you with an outstretched hand and with a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath.

Jeremiah 21:5 KJV

          My mind is so much clearer and I can see. I watch other couples and some I agree with and others I say, “that works for them yeah,” but that’s not me. Looking and learning from different married couples made me realize I am worth something real. My question for you is how come you don’t?

          Sorry if u don’t agree, but that was and is my truth. Be safe, get into the Word (I’ll send it 2 u 2 download on your phone) and enjoy your weekend. I’m using the Bible App by Download it now for your mobile device.

       The best thing about this app all you have to do is put in how you are feeling and it will give you scriptures. It also have reading plans and makes it easy to understand and share. One can’t keep His love to themselves it MUST be shared. 

       I am going to end this here and truth be told I don’t want you to tell me anymore of your problems on this subject, because you are not listening. Life to too short for needless drama. My pressure will not be raised by it, I have enough on my side. The difference is I have a high force backing me and I am not worried.

~The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

Psalms 118:6 KJV