Another Day…

What do you do after you have made a list, double checked your facts, and believe you have done everything you could do to set your dreams free?

 I wanted a website where I could talk about my craft as well as to sell my projects (crochet items to a cross stitch picture). It was a good idea on paper. I did my research.

 I went through each step and double checked  my facts. It wasn’t hard to set up the website, but it is the little things behind the sign on information that they don’t tell you – you need to know.

 A website is not just typing in your stories, posting your pictures and you see your dreams coming true. 

There really should be a full detail of each step you need to know how to do before you set up a website and what you need to do after it is set up in simple steps.

I may have gotten a story or two under the right category, but it’s not where I want it to be (it’s at the button of the page & not the top). I am getting closer to getting it right.

  I have been working on a Granny Square blanket on and off this past week  and it is coming out real.  I have been doing this stitch for more than 30 years now and I didn’t think I could learn something new.  I was wrong. SMILE!

Blossom Crochet

Granny Squares are a great stash busting project. – whether you choose to make lots of small ones or a huge one, this crochet tutorial will help you do it!

It is time I take a crochet break. I know most people would have said, “a coffee break”, but I’ve already had my coffee for the day. The next best thing than coffee is crocheting. It’s time to have some fun and what better way to do that is to create something with your hand?

 I am not giving up on my words, but one has to know when it’s time to back off and come back when your mind is clear? I am going back to working on my baby boy’s blanket. Well not really my blanket, because I am hoping to sell it one day.

Time to find a movie and get back to what I do. And, one day I will get my website working correctly. It is a New Year and I will have another day to set my dreams free!

                    Bye IV Now, LD*

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