My Real Job..

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What is the difference between a job and a paycheck? :

  1. Job          – A job is a place where you go to do something for someone else and they pay you to follow their rules.
  2. Paycheck – Is money you get from working at a job.

That was an easy answer to that question, but then again it was just the basic answer. Most people would take the first answer and go onto another question, not looking back, or giving it a second thought.

The problem with that kind of thinking is, “What if there was more,” you would never know if you didn’t look past the first step. When you were in school the teacher would ask what your career choice would be and give you ideas on how to set that dream free (if you get lucky enough to get a teacher who actually cared).

A job could be more than just working at a retail or grocery store?  If you like what you are doing then your job is worth going to everyday. It is the same if you went into a career of your choice.

Now a paycheck is just that, money from a job, and nothing special. A person who is living paycheck to paycheck may just be getting   by and Not living their BEST LIFE.

So, let me ask my question again. What is a job and a paycheck to you? For me my job is just a job just for the paycheck, until I can turn my craft into my real  job ‘One Day’.

Bye IV Now, LD*

A Good Question…

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I know I am watching way too much anime, but I cannot help what I enjoy watching in  my free time. I am thinking about how I can change how I live. 

I am at a loss for new anime to watch, (that has no fighting in it) and once again turned back to something I had watched before, “The Ouran HighSchool Host Club.” 

~ The twins had asked Haruhi if they could come over to her house and she said, “no,” but that didn’t change their mind. They planned their fight and didn’t stop until she stepped in. It was after she agreed they could come over, that she realized she had been tricked, but it was too late to change her mind.

I got my question after the guys entered her apartment and she asked them to take their shoes off. Tamaki had asked about slippers, but they noticed there was a tatami mat and they didn’t need slippers. ~

What is a tatami mat? Google answered with: 6 Things to Know About Tatami Mats – Traditional Japanese  Flooring  by Nihon Naka

I like the idea of leaving your shoes at the door and the dirt outside. I like the idea of the soft floor, but there is no way these old bones can sit or sleep on the floor. Then again, the more I read about the benefits of tatami mats, the more I want to have them in my house, and not just as flooring. – Sleep is Simple: 10 Best Tatami Mats reviewed – what is the Best tatami Mat? 

I am smiling just thinking about what my new place could look like on the inside, but what about those cool walkways around the house? Time to get to searching if it could be done.

There are a few websites that give information about how to design and the meaning of  a Japanese  walkway, but some had more information than pictures, or the site wanted more information from then I was willing to give.

I went to my FAVORITE website and got a lot of cool ideas for a Japanese walkway on  If you do not have an account “WHY NOT?” It is free and it is full of cool things. In a few clicks you will have some questions answered and have fun doing it.

I just started a ‘Backyard’ board with one picture, but I like to explore more ideas for this new board. I am not surprised when I have gotten one question answered, I have another in its place, because one cannot be bored if they are full of questions.  I have heard ‘the more you know – the more you grow,’ and I will continue to keep my mind growing with more intriguing questions. Who doesn’t enjoy finding an answer to a good question?

Bye IV Now, LD*


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~ It is no secret I Love the wonder of words. It doesn’t matter if they are in written form or being spoken or moving faster in a song. Words have meaning, each one understood, and turning them into feelings.

~ Some may say words don’t hurt, because you cannot actually feel them. That would be a lie unless you didn’t understand what they meant.

~ The trick with words when they are spoken to be hurtful to someone is for that person to know who is saying it and knowing rather their words are true.

~ I just watched another anime that made me cry and to think I watched  both seasons twice. Your Lie in April..


Your Lie in April Shigatsu was Kimi no uso (original title)

TV-PG/23 min/Animation, Drama,Music/TV Series (2014-2015)

A piano prodigy who lost his ability to play after suffering a traumatic event in his childhood is forced back into the spotlight by an eccentric girl with a secret of her own. {}

~ Yes, there are times when we want to give up. When people look at you, they may not see you as the person you are, but of an image they made you out to be. Then there are people who know you and you know they mean well, but do they really see you? 

Who do you believe? Who do you listen to? Do you just say what you know what they want to hear or do you take that step AND BE YOU?

I am Smiling, because sometimes through tears come a release that only can come from the heart when they are giving with your true feeling. 

Are you going to stay in the dark and drown in your tears or are you going to F.I.G.H.T and set your Dreams Free?

Bye IV Now, LD*

Etsy or Not?

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My research for setting my dream free. I will sell my crochet projects and bring in enough money to save. I like to travel, not be stressed about a bill, and to stop working so hard with no enjoyment in it. I also don’t want to be working until I am dead, because I have nothing saved for when I can barely walk.

  1.  – I was wondering if there were other sites like that could be better. I got my answer. The other site had some good and a lot of bad that kept me turning back to Etsy. Although Etsy cost a little more and I may not be able to break even, it still seems like the best of them all. (6/20/2021)
  2.  (6/22/2021) – Check List: 1. Take clear pictures. White background was suggested, but I feel that is a little too impersonal . I do agree pictures should be clear and items displayed up front. 2. Describe items  with heart, but not too long. Ex. Wrong – A light blue baby blanket with its size. Right – A multi colors & design baby blue crochet blanket.  Esty offers a guide to give you better ideas on what to say and you can even look at others who have had success with their site. 3. In order to sell your product people have to find you. Your words have to stand out for others and it goes beyond just having an etsy acc. You have to promote your items from a blog to even a facebook page. (some has gone on youtube and maybe one day I will join them, but NOT right now) Etsy also has a guide where they will help you not only to understand how ESO works, but help you use it to build your site. 4. You have to have a good niche, because there are others who are selling the same items as you are. How are you going to stand out and how are you going to get people to see and buy your items over someone else’s.  Plus you need to do as much research as you can not only with the site that you are going to be working with, but on how others are working their site, and make a plan on every detail before you get started.  This was most helpful and I can’t wait to get started on my list.
  3.  (6/22/2021) – This site didn’t tell me anything new other than ‘Big Cartel’, which is another online site where you can sell handmade items. That was only an outlook, so it’s time to go to the next step, because Etsy may be good for promoting crafty ideas, but they charge for every little thing. 

In the end I couldn’t even get anything other than pictures, prices on, so I am going to leave this alone. I clicked on etsy and crochet items came up quickly.

  1. (6/22/2021) – Nothing new….
  2. (6/22/2021) – Pointed out how much money etsy wants from posting on their site to the cost of each sale every 4 months. It was also stated that one should have a lot of items already made just in case more than 1 person  wants to buy the same item.

I almost forgot about youtube. I can have someone answer my questions about Etsy as I continue to work on my multi color V project.


The Eco Tree  –  Is Etsy worth it in 2021? What are the pros and cons of starting an ETSY shop in 2021? Is it good to sell on or is it too saturated?  (6/22/2021) was the BEST info I got today so far…

  1. My ETSY SHOP JOURNEY/ why I closed the shop • Apr 7, 2021  The Eco Tree  My Etsy shop journey, why I closed the shop and when it will reopen. (6/22/2021)
  2. Etsy Banned My Account// Why I left Etsy… (New WEBSITE LAUNCH!!!) (6/22/2021) wow – I REALLY wouldn’t want this to happen to me, for I have VERY little money, and for a company to just close your acc without giving you your money back is a big no-no!

I was trying to add at least 5 videos so I could get a better idea on Etsy, but it’s way too much trouble. Then again it is after 12pm and I haven’t had a chance to get a cup of coffee. I am also sad I missed service today (well, since it is online I will click on it later.) 

Even though I wasn’t supposed to go through each post in one day, so I can have a clear thought on each one. I couldn’t stop, because I want to know if I can actually sell my crochet projects. 

I also realized why I  started my website. I didn’t want to just sell items I already made, but make items people may want. Yes, it may take up to two months or less to make, (depending on what it is they want & if I have the yarn to make it) but it would be more personal. 

I really don’t like being in a crowd. Someone who has to fight and scream to be noticed. The question I am asking myself is: How much would it cost to get my website up & running  properly as well as my blog? 

I want to create and I want to do it my way. That may be the wrong attitude, but it is how I am feeling. It is just like working a dead end job, with NO HOPE FOR A FUTURE, (which is what I am doing right now. Yes I am grateful for a job, but as a female over 50)  I WANT MORE!!

I am ready to Fight for MORE!!!!

Bye IV Now, LD*

Stopping IV Now….

Working is getting in the way of my traveling.

Well, my online traveling anyway.. I am in Delaware right now.

It started off slow, because I couldn’t find a video I liked.

I had to changed they way I received some information

(I am learning a lot and I don’t really want to stop)

and if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow?

Now, there is a question I can answer,

“Yes I have to do to work,”

but my mind will still

be in Delaware…

Bye IV Now, LD*