Etsy or Not?

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My research for setting my dream free. I will sell my crochet projects and bring in enough money to save. I like to travel, not be stressed about a bill, and to stop working so hard with no enjoyment in it. I also don’t want to be working until I am dead, because I have nothing saved for when I can barely walk.

  1.  – I was wondering if there were other sites like that could be better. I got my answer. The other site had some good and a lot of bad that kept me turning back to Etsy. Although Etsy cost a little more and I may not be able to break even, it still seems like the best of them all. (6/20/2021)
  2.  (6/22/2021) – Check List: 1. Take clear pictures. White background was suggested, but I feel that is a little too impersonal . I do agree pictures should be clear and items displayed up front. 2. Describe items  with heart, but not too long. Ex. Wrong – A light blue baby blanket with its size. Right – A multi colors & design baby blue crochet blanket.  Esty offers a guide to give you better ideas on what to say and you can even look at others who have had success with their site. 3. In order to sell your product people have to find you. Your words have to stand out for others and it goes beyond just having an etsy acc. You have to promote your items from a blog to even a facebook page. (some has gone on youtube and maybe one day I will join them, but NOT right now) Etsy also has a guide where they will help you not only to understand how ESO works, but help you use it to build your site. 4. You have to have a good niche, because there are others who are selling the same items as you are. How are you going to stand out and how are you going to get people to see and buy your items over someone else’s.  Plus you need to do as much research as you can not only with the site that you are going to be working with, but on how others are working their site, and make a plan on every detail before you get started.  This was most helpful and I can’t wait to get started on my list.
  3.  (6/22/2021) – This site didn’t tell me anything new other than ‘Big Cartel’, which is another online site where you can sell handmade items. That was only an outlook, so it’s time to go to the next step, because Etsy may be good for promoting crafty ideas, but they charge for every little thing. 

In the end I couldn’t even get anything other than pictures, prices on, so I am going to leave this alone. I clicked on etsy and crochet items came up quickly.

  1. (6/22/2021) – Nothing new….
  2. (6/22/2021) – Pointed out how much money etsy wants from posting on their site to the cost of each sale every 4 months. It was also stated that one should have a lot of items already made just in case more than 1 person  wants to buy the same item.

I almost forgot about youtube. I can have someone answer my questions about Etsy as I continue to work on my multi color V project.


The Eco Tree  –  Is Etsy worth it in 2021? What are the pros and cons of starting an ETSY shop in 2021? Is it good to sell on or is it too saturated?  (6/22/2021) was the BEST info I got today so far…

  1. My ETSY SHOP JOURNEY/ why I closed the shop • Apr 7, 2021  The Eco Tree  My Etsy shop journey, why I closed the shop and when it will reopen. (6/22/2021)
  2. Etsy Banned My Account// Why I left Etsy… (New WEBSITE LAUNCH!!!) (6/22/2021) wow – I REALLY wouldn’t want this to happen to me, for I have VERY little money, and for a company to just close your acc without giving you your money back is a big no-no!

I was trying to add at least 5 videos so I could get a better idea on Etsy, but it’s way too much trouble. Then again it is after 12pm and I haven’t had a chance to get a cup of coffee. I am also sad I missed service today (well, since it is online I will click on it later.) 

Even though I wasn’t supposed to go through each post in one day, so I can have a clear thought on each one. I couldn’t stop, because I want to know if I can actually sell my crochet projects. 

I also realized why I  started my website. I didn’t want to just sell items I already made, but make items people may want. Yes, it may take up to two months or less to make, (depending on what it is they want & if I have the yarn to make it) but it would be more personal. 

I really don’t like being in a crowd. Someone who has to fight and scream to be noticed. The question I am asking myself is: How much would it cost to get my website up & running  properly as well as my blog? 

I want to create and I want to do it my way. That may be the wrong attitude, but it is how I am feeling. It is just like working a dead end job, with NO HOPE FOR A FUTURE, (which is what I am doing right now. Yes I am grateful for a job, but as a female over 50)  I WANT MORE!!

I am ready to Fight for MORE!!!!

Bye IV Now, LD*

Stopping IV Now….

Working is getting in the way of my traveling.

Well, my online traveling anyway.. I am in Delaware right now.

It started off slow, because I couldn’t find a video I liked.

I had to changed they way I received some information

(I am learning a lot and I don’t really want to stop)

and if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow?

Now, there is a question I can answer,

“Yes I have to do to work,”

but my mind will still

be in Delaware…

Bye IV Now, LD*

Back to the Piano

I am Not going to lie, but I am in a funny mood. 

I want to write, but too many words are  mixed up in my head. 

I want to crochet, but I am at a loss of which yarn or project I should do.

I start working on one project and then I look at my unused yarn and

then I want to start working on another project.

I am tired of looking for a new Anime to watch one that doesn’t have any 

fighting (Killing)  in it or about anything that would go against my Christain views…

I am going back to watching a New Favorite anime which is “Forest of Piano”  

Bye IV Now,LD*

An Anime & My Project Green….

I spent last weekend avoiding organizing my room and my craft. I thought why not watch a new anime movie as I work on my green project. 

Crochet Chevron, Ripple, Zig Zag, Wave – Blanket Pattern & Tutorial

Jayda InStitches  Hi Everyone!  Let’s finish those granny square blankets with a nice simple border!  If you’re a beginner, than this is the tutorial for you! * Granny Square Tutorial –

I stuck to the pattern mostly. Crocheting is like cooking. The pattern can be changed and the stitches still come out looking good.

A whisker Away: 10 Things You Need To Know About Netflix’s  Anime Movie.

Here are 10 facts worth knowing about A Whisker Away, Netflix’s 2020 anime movie. BY LISA DE LA CRUZ  PUBLISHED JUN 17, 2020

I chose this movie, because I love cats. I enjoyed watching it, but
I did more watching then I did crocheting. Was worth it…

I was still looking for nonviolent  anime and I remembered watching “fireworks,” but couldn’t recall the story line.

Fireworks (2017 film) – Wikipedia › wiki › Fireworks_(2017_film)

Watch from the Side?”, also known as Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?) is a 2017 Japanese animated romance film based on Shunji Iwai’s live-action television film of the same name.

I wished I remembered I didn’t care for this movie. Now that I think about it, that should have warned me not to watch it. Now today I kept my word and got to do a little organization.

I had started looking at how other people organized their yarn and thought this would be a cool idea for me. My first thought was to go big, but my bank account said “start small.”

I was thrilled when I finally got it built and organized. 1 & 4 is yarn, 2 is cross stitch & craft books, and 3 is my next 2 crochet projects. (Unless someone request something for me to make for them)

Today I awoke bored and came across “Aya to Majo,” an anime movie.

Earwig and the Witch PG 2020 ‧ Animation/Fantasy ‧ 1h 22m

Earwig and the Witch – Wikipedia › wiki › Earwig_and_the_Witch

$210,071. Earwig and the Witch (Japanese: アーヤと魔女, Hepburn: Āya to Majo, lit. “Āya and the Witch”) is a Japanese computer-animated fantasy film directed by Gorō Miyazaki, and is based on the novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones.

Diana Wynne Jones · ‎Kacey Musgraves · ‎Sherina Munaf · ‎Shinobu Terajima

This was an interesting movie and didn’t fill out the way I thought it would go or end. I would say it ended with an okay ending. One has to come up with how the movie turned out. 

Well, I am done watching anime for now. I need to get back to my green project and relax for the rest of the weekend….

Bye IV Now, LD*

Changing How I Move…

Okay, I changed my mind about walking outside in the cold (way 2 sleepy & my mind is on my next project) I decided to dance. I sometimes talk 2 fast & say the 1st thing out of my head, (not always a good thing) because when I told a friend I started dancing again and said, “it’s not what you are thinking”. I had to go back and apologize, because not all guys have a dirty mind.

I only got through 30mins (I WILL GET BACK N SHAPE 1 DAY), but this is a good tired feeling.. I remembered the 1st time I tried this dvd I could only do 10mins.

I am going to fix a cup of hot tea and work out a plan to get me moving at least 30mins everyday to be a better me.

Changing how I eat won’t do any good unless I change how I move.

Bye IV Now, LD*