A Relaxing Saturday…..

I decided on a lazy Saturday. I thought about going for a walk, but I was enjoying myself as I worked on my pastel blanket and watched an anime I had stopped watching for a short while.

I learned this pattern from Blossom Crochet……..

{} https://youtu.be/c3MIn-ALLTM        Blossom Crochet   This absolutely beautiful and delicate baby blanket is just dreamy! It’s very simple once you get started and I hope you enjoy the tutorial!{}

Black Clover Manga series 

Description  Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. The story centers around Asta, a young boy born without any magic power. This is unknown to the world he lives in because seemingly everyone has some sort of magic power. Wikipedia


Black Clover – Yuki Tabata | MANGA Plus


Images may be subject to copyright {}

I did go to Louisiana, but it’s not completed yet. The sun has been gone for a while. I am going to continue to watch this anime series until I can no longer keep my eyes open. 

I am smiling, because I really enjoyed myself today. Tomorrow I will look into finding an e-commerce site to add to my blog, because I need to start selling all crochet items……

Bye IV Now, LD*

Jumble Words….

Photo by Jacub Gomez on Pexels.com

I got this morning not really feeling anything, but I did give my ‘thanks for waking up, in my right mind, and somewhat healthy.’ Once my eyes were fully open and I saw the sun lighting the sky, I reached for my phone. I can remember when I would have reached for the remote control or to remove my cat from my person. (I never understood why they had to sleep on me)

Anyway, I noticed someone had liked something I wrote on my blog. I may not follow everyone who is following me or read everyone’s post more than once. Sorry, but I am going to work on changing that ‘me’ point of view. Not to get side-tracking, because I really want to add on, but we all know there is a reality when one isn’t online.  It doesn’t matter how nice you are, one can’t live without paying a bill or two and I just did what I said I wasn’t going to do.

Anyway, I clicked on “Conversation on finding and loving who I am,” and the word “Grateful,” along with a picture of a pen on top of a book caught my attention. Those words got me moving as I got through my morning cleaning, gathering my Bible, study book, as well as a book I bought more than 8 years ago. Along with my phone and a cup of hot water as I read on the patio,

I am not making any sense, because I am typing as I sometimes talk, which is way too fast. I am going to just make a list and maybe that will help clear up my jumble words.

  1. I don’t just want to read the Bible and think about what I have read. I wanted to write down what I got for the Word and even write down questions. I have gone through the Bible to find an answer for whatever question I may have had. I also get online, ask my church family and friends. 
  2. I have a patio where I could enjoy fresh air, see the beauty that is here, and the comfort of being able to go inside when needed.
  3. I always like drinking something hot when it’s a little cold. (Today it’s hot water as I read the Word. I am reading the book of Samuel)
  4. If I buy a book or get a positive book I will  read it to the end.

I bought this book eight or more years ago. It will no longer stay on a shelf taking up space, I will read something every day until I have read all 569 pages…


Service starts in thirty minutes, so I better get something to eat, and enjoy the Word online. My church is open and although I would like to go and be there in person. I am just NOT ready. There are a few people who have asked me to come, said they would come and pick me up, but they aren’t listening to me.

Some have said my faith isn’t strong, because I shouldn’t be fearful of getting a sickness when God’s Word is stronger. I am so tired of people telling me what I have and don’t have, because I know who I am and DO NOT have to explain anything to anyone.

I am listening to “Take Me to the King,” by Tamela Mann and every word is how I am feeling now..

And I am GOOD…..

Bye IV NOw, LD*

Not IV U…

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

I want to SCREAM at EVERY woman

 who shops in the young adult section

   to stop saying,

 “I don’t know why this doesn’t fit? It is my size,” 

And then look at me as if I am crazy.

How about shop in the women’s section

 and maybe you can find something that fits,

because the section you are in is meant for those

who may not have had a child or two.

Now don’t get me wrong,

not everyone has gained all that much weight,

but why would you want to be wearing something

a twenty year old is wearing,

when you are way past fifty?

Someone had asked me a question

and they didn’t like my answer.

Sorry, but not sorry – 

just because you can get into an outfit,

doesn’t mean that outfit is meant for you.

If there is more of your person showing, 

then that outfit isn’t making you look good,

 just showing off your fat.

Bye IV Now, LD*

A Little Space Please….

Photo by Sound On on Pexels.com

People never seem to amaze me? Yes, I take out my headphones to greet you and ask how you are and talk for a few minutes. That is cool, but when you see me put my headphones back into my ears, sit down, and take out my crochet project.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

That doesn’t mean you keep talking to me and get closer so I know you are talking to me and then be confused when I give you a dirty look.

People just, because you see someone else in the breakroom – doesn’t mean they have to talk to you. Give people space and if they want to talk – they will talk – and if not, ignore them as they are trying to ignore you….


So ~ So People…

I am in the middle of Georgia, and it is more than just Atlanta. I cannot get this thought out of my mind, and I thought of making another list to finally set this thought free…

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

To So – So Parents

  1. A seven year old or less SHOULD NEVER GO TO A PUBLIC RESTROOM ALONE!!!!
  2. A child shouldn’t touch everything in a store..
  3. A child shouldn’t be allowed to be in the toys section without you. (My son thought he was there alone, but I was always behind him).
  4. A baby one year old should NEVER have a lollipop in their mouth. (Unless the pop is too big for their mouth, so they won’t choke. Then again sugar isn’t good for their teeth, unless you want them to spend a lot of time in a dentist seat?
  5. Sorry, but if my child ever raised their voice or hand to me – 

Let me just say, he or she would never do it again. Yes, kids will test you, but you let them know at an early age you are the ones in control and not the other way around.

I believe I can stop here and move on to something more pleasant. Well, I am working on a baby blue crochet project now. I think I will prepare dinner and get back to that….

A nice way to end my Saturday…

Bye IV Now, LD*