Online Traveling #2 : Alaska

 Whenever I thought about Alaska I always thought about it being so cold and wondered how people actually lived there. I imagined deep snow year around. 

 It wasn’t until I started watching “Molly of Denali,” a show on PBS had me changing how I saw Alaska. (I no longer have any small kids in my in my house hold, but I still watch PBS) So, my next online stop is Alaska. I will see Denali online as I hopefully complete my baby blue blanket.


US State

Description :  Alaska is a U.S. state on the northwest extremity of the country’s West Coast, just across the Bering Strait. A semi-exclave of the U.S., it borders the Canadian province of British Columbia and territory of Yukon to the east and southeast and has a maritime border with Russia’s Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to the west. Wikipedia


Avoid the Tour Bus and Drive Yourself into Denali National Park


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~ I enjoy watching nature’s beauty. I may not be the one giving out information about how and when to see the beautiful park. I am happy they did.

~ I may have enjoyed looking at the trees and mountains. If I was there in that RV I may have had to close my eyes, because some of those places were a little scary to watch. Then again one has to be a good driver Not to be scared and since I don’t drive. That wouldn’t be me.


Beautiful Alaska {4K UltraHD} | Explore Amazing Tour Alaska US State by Drone – Kayaking, Wild HD

Nature Relaxation Videos HD

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*** Alaska Tour 4k ***

For many, coming to Alaska is a lifelong dream. It has been said that the untamed beauty of Alaska can stay with you forever. Etched in both your mind and soul, this magical land still continues to inspire and excite millions of people every year.

Planning a fishing adventure to Alaska can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming endeavor. There are thousands of destinations spread throughout the largest state in the nation. Sportfishing in Alaska encompasses many unique fish species from the deep sea to tidewater areas, mountain lakes to inland streams.

Don’t think about an Alaska Vacation, do it. Get the facts about an Alaska Cruise Vacation, you’ll know what to do and expect.

Alaska is truly wild. Traveling to Alaska is like stepping back in time when the world was young, innocent, and wild.

4K Alaska USA UltraHD Tour. Relax with your Family at the TV Lounge & enjoy the natural sound, Ambient Music! Relaxing music, Entertainment, Peace, Documentary. Rest your Office, Calm – Sit back and enjoy 🙂

 ~ This video didn’t let me down as the ones I saw before and enjoyed this one was GREAT. I am still amazed at all of the colors I saw. From the sun set over the water to the blinding snow covered trees.

~ One day I am going to visit Alaska and get to experience this BEAUTIFUL STATE. I say, “This is a  MUST visit ONE DAY”. I am just grateful I was able to enjoy Alaska this way for now.


I had wanted to know what you do while in Alaska  and choosed the most up to date video. I am not going to add it, because of copyright at the bottom of the information of this video. 

So, if anyone wants more information, sorry you are going to have to take that next step yourself. 

I believe I am now over viewing Alaska online, but I still would like to visit one day. 


Online Traveling #1 : Alabama

I have always wanted to travel, but I am going to start being honest with myself. I may NOT be able to visit other States across my homeland, but that doesn’t mean I cannot see them.

I am in a new age where anywhere can be seen online and one can set their dreams free if “They just Change how they look out into the world,” so here I  go looking at the World with new eyes.

I will start with  Alabama and go from there….

(I wanted to add a picture, but I got to thinking about what is copyright and what is free? I will come back to this or not – )

Alabama –  US State


Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement. The city of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church, now a museum, was a protest headquarters in the 1960s. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s church and the Rosa Parks Museum, dedicated to the activist, can be found in the capital of Montgomery. ― Google

**A Side Note: This idea came from me watching a video on youtube of New York City and I thought I could watch a video on other States as I continue to work on my baby blue blanket (which I am almost done with) and get a feel for the State.

However that isn’t what I saw. The first thing that came to mind was, “this State LOVES its football,” and this wasn’t what I was looking for.

Then I noticed “The do’s and don’t” video and thought that was a good idea. I got to copying and pasting and then saw the copyright sign. My first thought was to get in contact with them and ask them if I could add their story to mind. 

That was a Big “NO” from me. I knew if I had to stop and wait for an answer I had to stop writing and by the time I got an answer I would have moved past this story.

~ So, I am going to first look for another video that may showcase this state, and go from there…..




601 TRAVELS  Let’s explore BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA and find out what makes it a GREAT place. Birmingham is a city in the north central region of the U.S. state of Alabama. With an estimated 2019 population of 209,403, it is the most populous city in Alabama. Birmingham is the seat of Jefferson County, Alabama’s most populous and fifth largest county. Watch our What Makes This a GREAT Place Playlist here:…

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~ This video gives you a big picture of some of the things to do in Alabama. Let’s see what else I can find…..


Alabama – United States

THEWORLDOFTRAVEL Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. Alabama is the 30th-most extensive and the 23rd-most populous of the 50 United States. At 1,300 miles (2,100 km), Alabama has one of the longest navigable inland waterways in the nation. Source: Wikipedia

This was more of what I was looking for. It showed some very cool pictures. I wish it was a little longer, but I can’t wait to watch the next video…



Birmingham Alabama AL Travel City Tour 4k Downtown Tour

Wonderliv Travel

Come tour with us Birmingham Alabama on this Travel City Tour in 4k We explore around Downtown Birmingham Alabama Tour 

#Birmingham #Alabama #BirminghamAlabama #Alabama4k

💙 💙 Now this is what I was looking for. This video may not have had the music or the names of all the areas that were seen. This video was like seeing the state as if you were driving through the streets of Birmingham Alabama and that is what you were doing.

I felt as if I was there (although I would have had some music in the background, but that maybe just me) and it was cool.

As the driver got closer to what I was really curious to know what those large poles were that were on the right side of the driver as they drove past a street sign that read: 12 Ave N. was it a baseball field or maybe a golf course? 

It’s Google map’s time. I have an address so – Still don’t know what I saw. It’s okay, I am now over it.  I thought I would add some history to this, but then I remembered I didn’t like doing that while I was in school and I am NOT about to do that now. Besides, I am not writing a history report or acting as a tour guide. (Feel free to look up all the info you want to look up online or your local library) 

I just want to look at places that make up America and who knows maybe another state may catch my attention and I would like to know more about it. Until then it’s time to get back to my blanket….

Just have to add a border and this project will be done….

Bye IV Now, LD*