Book Review


Auther : Rochelle Alers

Title      : Cherry Lane ~ it’s “A Cavanaugh Island” novel

Devon Gilmore may have been born wealthy and her parents gave her everything, but Love. Her mother was controlling and her father over looked the pain his wife was causing in the house.Her brother turned to drugs and ended up in jail – his name is Roy. 

Devon she thought she was in love, but it was only one sided. Then she realized she was going to have a baby and the father wasn’t going to be in the picture. She knew she couldn’t kill or give the baby away.

Since, her grandmother gave her the money to follow her dreams of becoming a lawyer. She had enough money to really take care of herself and her child.

Her mother turned her back on her when she found out, but Devon was determined to give her child all the love she never had as a child. She went to a friend’s party out of state to clear her mind and there she met David Sullivan.

It was a fast pace romance and he knew she was the one for him, before she felt the same. She was unsure not only, because she was having another man’s baby, but because of past hurtful feelings. It was hard to let go.

They worked everything out and she agreed to marry him. Devon ex – who was actually her baby biological father was running for office wanted her out of the picture.

One of her new friends warned David of the danger and he worked out a plan to keep her safe. The truth came out while in the hospital. David also talked with her parents and they also worked out their problems and they are a family again.

~I Really enjoyed this book. A little romance and mystery all in done. 

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