The World of Retail

Caller: I was in the store last night and I saw this pot in the clearance section. Do you know where that is?

Staff : (thinking – why did I have to get a smart *** caller. I work in this department. I set that area up – then you are wondering why this person is talking so fast as she gives directions?) “Yes”. was all she allowed you to say before more words came at you.

Caller: Can you see if you still have it?

Staff :  Can you hold please. (Thinking РToo bad I only heard two words this person said)

The staff is now hoping they got the right pot, then they realized,¬† there’s more then one pot on the table.¬† The rude uptight customer was too busy talking down to you – you have no idea what she wants.

Staff gets back on the phone, tell the customer what they saw, and before you could ask if they know the name –

Caller : No Рno Рno 

Customer once again is talking faster, and louder. She must think that would be better. Then once again she would be wrong and that wasn helping either – lady.

Staff : (thinking, ” Why don’t she stop talking so I can actually help her”) Excuse me. No response. Excuse me. (Staff had to get loud)¬†

Caller: I use to work retail and I never talk to a customer like that.

In the end staff could no longer being talked down too and treated like they couldn’t do their job and the customer could do it better. Manager had to take over and even then it took a few more minutes to understand what the caller wanted.

It’s funny, but if the caller had, spoken in a calm and slow voice she could have been done with her call twenty minutes earlier, because she didn’t understand if one want¬†someones help –¬† you¬†Don’t talk¬†AT them,¬†but¬†talk too them..

Staff : “Good – Bye,” and please don’t call again… Talking out loud and walking away from the rude caller on the phone.



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