Thinking Out Loud:What is Your Answer?

How do you know when its  time to leave your job? Is a question I seem to be asking myself every day I walk through my job sight doors.

I am: 1 A people person.  2. I enjoy talking.  3. I like to help (and it doesn’t matter if its a customer or a co-worker).  4. I like things to be in the right place, organized, and easy to get at.  5. I love – No I Love to make things look nice.

And, above all else I am a Christian. I am also a honest, caring, and dependable person. I set a high standard for myself. I  maybe wrong in thinking others would think the same about themselves.

I have to get into the Word strong before going through those doors, because I know what was waiting for me inside. I go in every day expecting it will be better, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

The same question come to my mind once again and I knew one day I was goingto have to say, “Enough is Enough.” It didn’t matter if I liked the job – it matter if I was going to be able to be who I am. I will have my answer in the end. Do I stay or move on?

My question for you is, “Do you have your answer?”


The  End!


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