An Easy “A”


I once took a writing class or two and then instructor had us write for at least 20 minutes a day. We all thought that was the easiest assignment to do, because we were writing anyway. “Oh, one thing.” The instructor said before we could close our book. “Don’t stop writing. In other words you can’t correct misspelled words, grammar, and so forth. Not even if you lose your train of thought. Don’t stop writing.” She smiled as we nodded our understanding.

I know I wasn’t the only one, who thought this was an easy “A,” but that thought was so wrong. After my household had quiet down for the night. I got out my color pens, paper, and I prepared to write. I remembered to set a timer and “Go” –

I had a good start, because I knew I have written poems and short stories for hours before. This homework assignment wasn’t new to me. I could do this and get back to the book I had started reading earlier. I remembered I had a full page of words. I wasn’t writing fast, because I was making sure my penmanship was readable.

The only problem was I had almost fifteen minutes to go and
“I don’t know know what else to write.”
“What do I write about?”
“I need words that makes sense.”
“I can’t believe I am out of words, ugh”
and just when I thought that was how I was going to finish the assignment. I remembered what I had prepared for dinner and how the phone kept on ringing. I started to write about that, in detail, but the timer went off.

Although I wanted to finish my thoughts. I followed directions, and with a sad unanswered ending. I learned I can write for a long time – when there isn’t a timer and my creative can’t be stopped.

So, if you think something is going to be easy, be prepared for another thought. Get as much information, work hard, and do your best. It maybe your last chance to complete your thought.

The  End!

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