Mirror Image


The day I found my light blue surprise in my size was a happy day, until I walked passed a mirror. My weight had never bothered me before, because I am happy who I am today and not the size I use to be.


I never gave it a second thought on where I would get or how much an outfit would cost. I usually go from store to store matching as I go. If I got a full outfit great, but no worries if I didn’t.  Shoes and accessories were a totally different story altogether.


Where did the time go? How much have I change and why didn’t I notice it as it was happening? It doesn’t seem that long ago, when I was pleased with the person in the mirror, but not today. I don’t know who she is.


I know I will never be a size 12 again and this size 18 has to go. I like being a big girl, so look out size 14 I’m coming for ya’. I’m going to miss wearing my pretty blue pants, but how sweet will it be to shop without worrying about if the store will have my size.


I see the lady in the mirror and I can still Smile, because I am finally free to be me. I walk with the boldness of a strong single women facing the world head on and enjoying every step I take.





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