Trying to Workout….

Working out at home sounds like a good thing to do.

You look up the right routine for the amount of time you have to actually work out.

You have on your new workout clothes –

(who says you can’t be cute when you get back to a better you).

You got the space you are going to need to move

and the music ready to be turned on.

One, two, and –


This would work if only you was home alone.

Who would think an animal or a small child would like to do what you are doing,

and doing it in the same space you are trying to do  lunges in.

“I’ll try again tomorrow when everyone is asleep or behind another door.” You say out loud as you put away your yoga mate and shake your head.


What should have taken twenty minutes to get back to the person you was before little the  feet in your house. It has taken you fifteen minutes to realize you need to figure out how to workout alone.






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