A Time to Shine




Awaken early and trying to decide rather I’m going to try and close my eyes again. Laughing, because once my mind gets to a thinking – there’s no going back to Dreamland.


Today has already started out to be different and I see my “true” self trying to return. I normally get my phone going through my Facebook post, turning a game on, and the TV as well. A typical early day.


Not today, because of the people on my page. A simple question: Did you listen to this song in the church you grew up in? I may have come to my enlightening some 30 years later (and grateful for the day I found Jesus) and learned of the song then. The second post was actually from some of the singers, (of my church) singing among themselves, but it reminded me of who I am.


Smiling as I got up turned on my gospel music as I listen to words keeping with my faith as I start a light cleaning project. I haven’t spent time working on what’s important to me. From my blog, another book, crochet projects, walking and dancing for my health. I can’t be a better me, if I keep working paycheck to paycheck and NEVER getting ahead.


I keep telling the youth to find a dream and set it free, because working paycheck to paycheck may pay the bills, (somewhat) but are you “Happy?” I need to slow down and take my own advice a.k.a why I am not pl

aying a game. I am more than what people see and it’s time to Shine….


Look out World Mz. Lisa is taking that step to be free and Happy!!!!







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