A Bag or Two…




Once again I am wondering about people and why they are curious about my stuff? First, it was my umbrella, and now it’s my bags. I’ve been called the bag lady. I know they are  not meaning it to be cruel, but as a joke. It comes out hurtful to me.

When ones thinks of a bag lady, one thinks of a person who carries everything she owns in bags, and bags everywhere she goes. True, I lost my apartment, and had to move in with family. So I have a place to stay and I am Not carrying everything I own around. Yes it’s true I do like bags and have a few. I carry a bag for different reasons rather going to the store, because I like to eat or going to the laundromat, because I also like clean cothes. I also have lunchbox or two, because I like it to match my outfit.  In the end, “I am not a bag lady,” because I carry a bag or two.

I smile and calmly say, “Since I don’t have a car I need a bag to carry my personal items. I crochet as much as I can (it’s my side money and it’s what I do) and one can’t crochet all the time, so it’s good to have a book on hand. If anyone has ever been on public transportation, one needs something to do or some fool will try and talk to you.

Then if I’m going to service after work, yes I will have a change of clothes, and yes they will be in a bag. Not everyone has the options to be picked up from their home and wear real clothes to church. I’m like I want to be cute too and I will be rather they like it or not.

Then I realized I’m repeating myself and I stop talking. I will have to let the “New Yorker” out just a little and ignore people who only see what they want to see, because you don’t know me. I am laughing, because a surprise shopping trip I already have a bag. While I can put everything in one bag, you have to carry more, so who’s the smart one?




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