Steps Taken


Taking that first step is scary, but how do you know if you can take another step unless you take the first one? When we are little we are brave, because there was always someone there to hold onto and encourage use to get up when we fall.


Times moves on as does our speed and a no fear policy. We climb anything from our cribs so we could be free to run. To tables, wall units, and dressers that holds an object we couldn’t see while we was sitting on the floor.


Once we learned how to flip or catch a ball look out, because we are on the move. True our parents may now yell at us to go outside if we want to enjoy these new steps we are making.

We learn to work as a team. Win or lose we are taking more steps everyday.


Along the way we come across an idea we enjoy and either work to make it stronger or we let it die. My question which steps are you going to take? Steps to set your dreams free or steps to run away?




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