Love My Grey






Wasn’t feeling sad

                          Nor was I feeling happy

Wasn’t feeling great

                          Nor was I feeling bad

Wasn’t feeling my best

                          Nor was I upset

Wasn’t showing any emotions as I went about my day

I admit my thoughts sometimes take me away from reality if only for a second or two.


“Hey.” Was said as I passed by and gave a “Hey in return, oh it’s you” I replied not knowing it was a co-worker with a new hairdo. She was surprised I wasn’t the only one who didn’t recognize her. I started to reply a good thought on her new look, but then she says, “Have a good day grey hair lady,” and she turned back to her work.


I said out loud as I was walked away, “I like my grey,” but in my mind I said “at least I’m real.”  I am not putting anyone down for wearing a hairpiece, because I have worn them too. I just don’t understand why I cannot like my grey, because others don’t like theirs? I think grey hair is beautiful and I AM BEAUTIFUL.


Was feeling Happy

                     Because I Love me

Was feeling Great

                      Because I can Smile with true Joy (mind – body – and soul)

Was at my Best

                       Because I know who I am – where I stand – and I No One can say or do anything that can stop me..






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