Studying the Word Beings



Reading the Bible isn’t like reading a book. I know some verses, but always forget where I read it. Then while in service my pastor will say, “turn to -” and may or may not be able to turn to it on time, much less take notes.


I had decided I was going to study a chapter at a time. I actually started taking notes and sending out questions for when I am totally Not understanding what I was reading.  It pays to be around others who are on different levels then you are and can encourage you to be your best.  I am going to give this “studying the Bible” another chance. Well, I am going to start by learning the BOOKS first and go from there.


The Old Testament has 39 Books:


1.Genesis.  (Gen)                   14. 2nd Chronicles              27. Daniel (Dan)

  1. Exodus.   (Ex)                 15. Ezra.                                28. Hosea
  2. Leviticus (Lev).               16. Nehemiah (Ne-Mi).    29.  Joel
  3. Numbers (#’s).                  17. Esther (Es).               30. Amos (Am)
  4. Deuteronomy(Deu).        18. Job.                             31. Obadiah (Obadiah)
  5. Joshua                               19. Psalms (Ps).               32.    Jonah
  6. Judges.                             20. Proverbs (Pro).          33.    Micah (Mic)
  7. Ruth.                                  21. Ecclesiastes (Ecc).    34.    Nahum
  8. 1st Samuel (1st Sam).      22. Songs of Solomon (Song). 35.     Habakkuk
  9. 2ns Samuel (2nd Sam)   23. Isaiah (Is).                36. Zephaniah (Zep)
  10. 1st Kings.                         24. Jeremiah  37. Haggai
  11. 2nd Kings.                       25. Lamentations (Lam). 38. Zechariah (Zec)
  12. 1st Chronicles.                26. Ezekiel (Ez).               39. Malachi (Mal)



The Testament has 27 Books.


  1. Matthew (Matt).                   49. 2nd Thessalonians (2nd Thess) 58.  1st John
  2. Mark.                                     50. 1st Timothy (1st Tim).                 59. 2n John
  3. Luke.                                     51. 2nd Timothy (2nd Tim).              60.   3rd John
  4. John.                                      52. Titus.                                              61. Jude
  5. Acts.                                        53. Philemon (Phil).                          62. Revelation
  6. Romans (Rom).                    54. Hebrews (Heb)
  7. 1st Corinthians (1st Cor).     55. James
  8. 2nd Corinthians (2nd Cor).   56. 1st Peter
  9. Galatians (Gal).                      57. 2nd Peter



A total of 62 Books to learn & remember one step or a page at a time. Now my abbreviations may not be right, but they work for me and that’s all that matters. No one is the same, so one step isn’t for everyone, so find your own step, And get to stepping…





                                    (With a Smile)




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