A Full/Queen

Ever had a crazy thought moment?  Well I did while I was at work sizing blankets and out of nowhere I turned to a co-worker I said, “I am a full/Queen.”

Co-worker, “You’re a what?” she sounded confused. “I don’t get it?”

I just laughed and repeated what I had said, “I am a Full/Queen. I’m a full figure women and I am also a Queen.” holding a blanket up for her to see shaking her head as she turned back to her work.


I kept the second part of my thought to myself, because I didn’t think she would have gotten the whole thought? “I am a full/Queen waiting for my King!”


That thought kept me going throughout my work day. What I believe a  Queen is and how I carry myself to be just like a Queen should be. A strong women who is smart and Not afraid to be herself. I work hard, pay my bills, take care of my family, and help as much as I can with what I have. I am not planning on staying on ground level for long. I am working hard to set my dreams free and my Faith will keep me moving forward. I will build my dream house, I will travel more, and encourage others along the way. When I find Love. I will fight to keep that love strong with each passing day and every year that pass and a simple white dress to start that journey on its right path.



                             End… .

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