Me Again


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Okay, there comes a time

when you have to say, “enough is enough”

and stop listening and start being yourself.

I listened to people talk to and at me.

They have something to say from my clothes

to how I am wearing them to my hair style.

The same reruns about my bags and make-up.

              I am not into the latest fashion,

(one, I didn’t like the 70’s when I live through it)

my clothes are cleaned

(yes sometimes wrinkled, but still clean)

and “no” I do not want an iron.

I know there are countless colors,

but that doesn’t mean

I have to go out of my comfort zone

or wear colors I  don’t like.

True they may be simple, but they match.

(and my favorite colors are pink and yellow)

-You  can whatever color you like.

I dress my age and my weight

and I dress for me.

I would like to wear high heels again,

one day, but until then

a nice pair of flats will do.

If you get your eyebrows done,

add a little more color on your face,

and maybe some jewelry?

Funny, I got my brows done,

and a little lip gloss works best for me.

And, I without a bag means

– no crochet

– no books  

all in all would not be me.

I like headbands

I’ve lost count being told

I shouldn’t.

I actually stopped wearing them,

but today I had to be me.

I am Smiling, because

I missed me, Lee!

No more listening

to meaningful

or meaningless



Start being




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