A Day Before…

Today is the day before you turn 50 years old.

Wow – a decade and you are still on this Earth

and you start making plans.

You are excited and you started making plans.

You are not wanting to do much,

and was hoping someone would  join you

on your special day.

It’s funny you go day to day always on the move

and never taking the time to see the beauty of your town.

I wanted to go to a few museums (a few are free),

a movie (the cheapest one), and out to eat

(could have been my favorite coffee shop).

I didn’t think that was too much.

I know about having to go to work,

but with my busy day

Didn’t think I would be alone.

~ I was a little hurt

when not even an hour

could be spared.

Then as I stopped talking about my plans

and enjoying myself  I started listening.

The same people who call me a friend,

are he same ones who are laughing at my plans.

They didn’t see the simple as being enjoyed and that’s sad.

Life isn’t about spending money.

It about spending time with family and friends.

My Faith says I am Loved

and don’t need anything

nor anyone else in my life

(that isn’t Real).

Doubt start coming to your mind without you realizing it.

You go back to that list you made some forty years ago,

when you had a dream, and knew it would become reality one day.

You go over the “Good and Bad” and what you “did and did not do”

and the things that you didn’t do out weighed the things you had done.

You start thinking how you wasted your life trying to take care of others

and allowing your dreams to die.

It’s a good thing you was able to take a breath,

because thinking about what you don’t have

and getting depressed is what Satan wants.

An old saying goes,

“You better count your blessings,”

and I did. I know my God loves me,

my son loves me, and a handful of family and friends.

I am blessed and it doesn’t matter

if I have to spend my 50th Birthday alone.

Partly anyway: a friend had an emergency and I wouldn’t want her to be anywhere else, but with her family. And, my joy (my son) is taking me to my favorite restaurant.

So, my special day won’t be spent totally alone.

I am going to enjoy my day as I planned:

  1. Learning and enjoying the beauty of my city.
  2. Going shopping for items I want and Not need. (I was blessed with a gift card)
  3. I will go out and enjoy a light lunch as I read my book.
  4. I will get me a cake and give thanks to ALL of my blessings.
  5. I will end my day having dinner with my son.

I am truly blessed and tomorrow when I turn 50

I will look and work on better days.

I am Loved and Don’t need a lot of fake people around me to prove that.

I’m laughing, because as soon as my dream

(the book I finally finished)

becomes reality.

I’m going to smile and keep it moving.

I’m not going to change and if you can’t be my friend now,

you can’t be my friend later.

I am looking forward to my “Golden Years” and wonder where and what I’ll be doing?

Only time will tell..



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