The sun is out, but I am inside at work. Working from paycheck to paycheck without a care anymore. Then again its hard to care, when your company is cutting your hours hoping you will quit, what else are you supposed to feel? It doesn’t matter how well you do your job or go out of your way to help another person. I am smiling on the inside and out, because they have no idea of who I am?

Wondering why can’t I have a job where I can work when and where I want? Is there any place like that or is that a dream? I am Smiling, because I am getting close to enjoying a job just like that. Its going to be a happy and sad time once I give my two weeks notice.

Happy that I am finally setting my dreams free and sad that I am leaving a few passing friends. A passing friend is someone you talk to when you see them, but my real friends will still be around wherever I go.

Thank You Jesus for my new and better job.

The End!!

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