Thinking Out Loud!



By Lisa Danielle


When something good or bad things  happens we all go through strong emotions. If it’s something upsetting one could  stay in control or one could lose focus allowing ones bad feelings to take over them. Emotions are strong feelings and its how we handle them shows how strong or how weak we are?


A textbook definition of the word “emotions” could means:

  1. Happy          – When a child receives a new toys  he or she express a joyous laugh you can hear and maybe a smile you can see how “happy” they are.
  2. Sadness       – When your team loses their ballgame. Feelings are hurt yes, but if one played with all their hearts and gave it their best. These feelings will pass and new plans are being prepared to win the next one.
  3. Grateful.     – When someone does something nice for you. You are happy and blessed to know someone cares.
  4. Ignored       – One is overly tired and wish to be alone, but one has to get through the day with others around them. Some can hide their feelings (and get through their day) and others have a look that says, “step away from me.”
  5. Upset/Mad – When you see “red,” and want to charge at everything in your path and before you could blink you have lost control of who you are. Bad news, hurtful words, and rude people can be the cause, but only you can overcome these feelings. And, think about how good it feels when people see their words and actions has no effect on you.
  6. Joy                – Another word for being “Happy.”
  7. LOVE            – Love is the STRONGEST and MOST  IMPORTANT Emotion of all, because Love overrides sadness of a lost, overrides bad and hurtful feelings, and Love can bring a smile to others when all they want to do is cry.
  8. Forgiveness/Thankful – Two more words for, “Love.”
  9. Blessed/Blessing – Someone has helped you and you play it forward and help someone else.
  10. Satisfied – You cross your finish line and you feel good about your accomplishment.

In The End..

True there are countless more names and feelings for emotions. Who has the time or energy  to go through them all. These feelings can make you want to sing and dance, or run and hide, and get loud and fight.

We all have these emotions and go through them a different way. I may close my eyes and think about my blessings (Jesus, my child, my life, and a handful of people I know who truly cares for me) and I can truly smile again.

I also  like “Words,” and I find myself calming down or slowing down when I am reading (The Bible) or writing down my feelings or expressing them in a different form?

Closing Thoughts.

A deep breath and a happy smile from me. I was upset, but those feelings has passed. And, I can look forward to a restful sleep.

Holding  onto bad thoughts leaves one feeling hurt and in pain and how can one enjoy a good night’s dream with strong feelings clouding one’s mind? I had to forgive and let go (even when a friend ended my trust and now is just a passing friend now). I am moving forward and Not letting my past hurts hold me down or interrupting my dream again. “I hope I am not alone?

                               The End!                                                                             

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