A Retail Question

I know I am not alone working paycheck to paycheck ~ knowing it’s not fun to work paycheck to paycheck.  One does what one have to do in order to the pay their bills. If by chance one could get lucky and they like where they work all the better. Days turn into weeks and weeks into years and you start at asking questions like:


  1. Am I able to pay my household  bills?
  2. Am I able to go to the doctor, without being worried about going into debt.
  3. Am I enjoying life or am I just working just going through the motions?
  4. Am I happy?


These are questions I’ve been asking myself for the longest time. I can do more then what a paper says I can or cannot do. I have been working retail  for more than 10 years, but because I don’t have a piece of paper that says I can actually do this (Staging). I can’t actually get paid for doing this kind of job.


I have always wondered why companies don’t take life experience into account and not just a degree from a school? Maybe I’m just old and and don’t get this new age thinking?


So, I stepped out and did what I’ve been wanting to do forever, I gave my 2 weeks notice (even though I know I should have waited until I got another job), but sometimes you have to move fast or yourself doubts may come into effect.


You know when it’s time to step out and take a chance, because just barely paying the bills isn’t  getting anywhere. I’m done, been doing that for so long, and this is my time to move forward.


Another question: What’s the point in working and not getting anywhere?  Working for a company that says they care, but if you are struggling – open your eyes – and tell yourself “I can do better.” It’s time for me to be me.


I don’t know what I was doing or why I was going through YouTube? I decided to type in work at home. I know some are scams and was thinking ahead. If I find something I would go to the BBB and double check if its a real company. Saw a few, but nothing to make me go through that extra step.


Then one caught my attention about sending out short stories, true it’s nothing where you can pay a real bill, but maybe a move or two. The only thing is you have to type at least four thousand words.  I’m old school and can’t type that fast. Then was told about a microphone on Google.doc. I never noticed the microphone before and decided to try it. I’m talking right now, with my headphones on and watching these words come on screen.   I can do this and make a few dollars here and there. (Although you still have to reread your words and make it not a run on book. Maybe my next try will be better). Those few dollars can add up.


I’ve been wanting to go back to school, but have been allowing the world to have too much control over my thought. I’m going to do something for me no matter what and not be scared. I’m going to step up and out. If you don’t try, then how do you know you can’t do it? The word “can’t” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.  I told my son at a early age don’t let anyone stop you from following your dreams. I’m going to take my advice and move forward.




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