Starting Over…



I’ve been wanting to do a video blog for the longest time, but I have never done that before. It’s a little scary doing something new. I once said that I wanted to do something different, stepping out of my normal routine or thought wave.


I was told I shouldn’t be thinking about doing a video blog, but working on my book. I actually started doubting myself, then I realized I found an editor, and she is almost done with one of my books. Shaking off negativity, self doubt, and fear. I closed my eyes and remembered who I am. There’s no reason to these feelings and just be bold as a lion.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.
Proverbs 28:1 KJV

I enjoy the world of words and not always staying on one subject or in style. I heard of people writing blogs, but never thought much about it. I started this blog last year, and post something new every now and then, but I am changing that. I will post at least two or more times a week. And who knows, rather it will be in written words or words that are spoken. Either way  I will be posting more.


I have already got a plan for my mornings, so if you go step by step you can see your plan go through. There will be times when you have to change that plan, but if you are like me? You can work around that change and come back to the original one.


Since I am starting to get a headache, because I have not had my first cup of coffee. I am going to set up the table on the patio with a book and a cup, by then water will be boiling,  and coffee will be ready. Love me a good cup of coffee.







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