Think Before You Buy

Ever been in a store not knowing what you are going to buy or even planning on buying anything? Then an item catches your eyes.


You walk towards it thinking how nice it will look in your room. Still holding a smile, but that price turned that smile upside down. Oh well it wasn’t meant to be.


Weeks later you still see your pink chair and think it could get marked down? If it get mark down you are thinking it was meant to be.


Surprise! Not only did your pink chair go on sale its still in the store. Then you think about how are you going to get this thing on the bus?


Okay, I may like this chair, the price is right, it says its an extra large, and holds up to 300lbs. I may not be 300lbs (anymore) but I do stand almost 6ft and somewhat over 200lbs, so an extra large exercise ball chair should work.


  • Then one day I was offered a ride home and asked if we could stop and see if my chair is still there. Yes! My smile returned. I take a breath when I realized I don’t have any room for it. Its cool its in a box and one day I will have that extra space.
  • How do you know if it will workout? Was the question. I shook off any thought that said it wouldn’t. Then the day came to build and –
  • And, I was wrong. This so call extra large chair is a foot rest. Yes it’s pink and maybe I could buy a bigger ball, but I got upset and gave it away. (Before I thought about it) I am like UGH!!!

The chair helped me balance and that idea worked for me. I wish I hadn’t given it away, but it worked with her height and I know it will be used. So it’s still a good thing.


One should always be a blessing when you get a chance. So, you can’t get upset because you lost pink chair.  


Then you think how words are misleading as well as pictures. I guess one should build as soon as you can or measure item before you leave the store. Because not all sales are meant for you.


The End!!!


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